sexta-feira, agosto 08, 2014

Ceres and Vesta: rulers?

I commented in a Steve Judd vid:

Ceres rules Taurus (I always equate it to food). Plus she's the mother in law of Pluto, who rules Scorpio. Thus the axis Taurus-Scorpio is represented. As I wrote before in a blog post: "Ceres rules Taurus; it’s in exile in Scorpio; it’s Exalted in Virgo and in Fall in Pisces. Why Pisces? Because water destroys crops. This, of course, needs research to be confirmed. It’s an initial working hypothesis." Vesta ruling Virgo makes a bit of sense to me mainly because Virgo is not flashy, like Leo, and is much more interested in the work itself, in the sacredness of the task. That which is sacred hides itself in order to protect itself. So, yes, Virgo makes sense as the ruler of Vesta (but this needs to be confirmed with research). So if indeed rules Virgo it could possibly mean that it's in detriment in Pisces (Pisces cannot, sometimes, concentrate in a task long enough and has difficulty with details). Hum, all very interesting.