terça-feira, dezembro 08, 2009

44 is stalking me

Master Number 44/8 is the vibration of self-discipline, abundance and success through Balance. But this isn’t success like everyone seems to preach it for 8s. It really has little to do with money – though when 44 is in balance, certainly security is present. But that is a by-product, not what 44 is about. It is about success of the Soul, as 44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration. 44 knows more than others about attitude and overcoming in the face of great odds. 44 accomplishes this through logic and structure. “Know Thyself” is key with this master vibration. And sometimes that means knowing your limits.

link: http://theseekerswindow.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/march-2009-numerology-watch/

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