sexta-feira, abril 30, 2010

Revolução Solar: Ascendente em Balança

When your Solar Return Ascendant is in Libra:

Your outlook for the year will be influenced by this Libra ascendant:

Libra’'s influence brings out your most charming social self. People will be attracted to your convivial company. Your circle of friends and acquaintances will flourish, as new friendships blossom and old friendships deepen. Beauty and physical attractiveness will seem more important to you this year. You are likely to develop an interest in music, literature, art, and photography. You may decide to update and improve your physical appearance and give both yourself and your wardrobe a brand new look.

You could also find a very special romantic relationship with a new partner or by sharing more of your activities with your current love. You may find difficulty choosing between options, but if you have been considering marriage, this may be the year you set the date.

Joint projects are highly favored. Your sensitivity to the opinions of others and smooth diplomatic skills are likely to be appreciated in business. Legal issues might arise this year, but will probably be resolved to mutual benefit. If someone attempts to upset your sense of fairness or your peace and harmony, rest assured that you have all the Libra skills that you will require to resolve situations without the necessity of having to give in to challenge or confrontation.

Your usual temperament and personality will be influenced by these Libra traits:A desire for peace and harmony combine with a absolute need for balanced relationships of all kinds is enhanced by this influence. You appear easy and agreeable, displaying an aesthetic, laid back appreciation for physical ease and comfort. Intellectually, you are prone to see both sides of questions. This can cause you to fluctuate between yes and no, too often ending hung up on maybe, as you weigh the positives and negatives of any situation. You are even tempered, charming, socially adroit, sensitive to the opinions of other people, and more able than ever to use gentle persuasion and diplomacy to win people over and achieve a sense of cooperation. Your goal is an equitable outcome. Romantic and artistic inspiration is emphasized by this Libra influence and the importance of beauty and beautiful things is likely to be among the topics of your convivial conversations.

Your normal approach to life will be influenced by this Libra approach:Charm and diplomacy roll together into one, creating a pleasing sociable approach with which you diffuse disharmonies situations and tactfully bring fairness and balance by forming personal relationships with all participants. You see all sides and prefer to be liked by all sides rather than committed to anything other than your intellectual idea of justice. Your non-aggressive manner is appreciated, as are your tolerant nature and abilities to reason out and tactfully present mutually advantageous solutions. You seek approval and will prefer to be among people who will give you the recognition you deserve for your valuable assistance.Your path to self awareness this year should include: Exploring your social abilities through personal relationships. Look at the house where Venus is located to see where you will explore the principles of giving and receiving this year.Your general health will be influenced by Libra:Maintain a nutritious balanced diet, get enough rest and exercise, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids during this Libra influence to keep your circulation and kidneys healthy.

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