sábado, fevereiro 12, 2011

10k in a day: da série de coisas que eu devia fazer

"Wake up bright and early, 7am. Before you start morning rituals (shower, breakfast, etc.), try having an hour of typing. 1500 words are gone, and it’s 8am. Morning ritual time! It’s 9am. Do the thing for 2 more hours. It’s 11am, and you’ve got 4500 words. Try and do it until 12pm. Maybe you’re tired, allow yourself some spazzing out — but get two sessions in. 5500 words, and it’s just noon! Have lunch. Enjoy it. Take your time. It’s 1pm. Do sessions for 2 hours. It’s 3pm, and you’re 7000 words in. You’re doing great. Take a break until 4pm, and now do another two hours. 9000 words in, it’s 6pm, and you’re on your home stretch. Take another break, and at 7pm, try again. The words will be yours!"

Link: http://moshez.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/a-10k-friday-or-any-day-really/

Ando tão preguiçosa. Eu devia fazer isto.

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