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Decan 2 Leo Horoscope 2012 (o meu)

Decan 2 Leo Horoscope 2012

Leo decan 2 has a very lucky 2012 and it starts early because the December 2011 lunar eclipse is sextile your decan. With the June 2012 lunar eclipse trine your decan, basically for most of the year you can relax and enjoy life with little stress and more confidence and inner balance. These helpful aspects from the lunar eclipses will put a focus on more balanced relationships, a good year for closer interactions with family and friends, tighter bonding between couples, and more opportunities for finding someone new if your are single. You also get a couple of Jupiter transits this year, and Jupiter is a fortunate planet bringing growth, travel, and more spiritual fulfillment.

The first Jupiter transit can be challenging, but it wont last too long. Jupiter square your decan only lasts from March to early May. During this time you will still be feeling optimistic and happy, and there will be opportunities everywhere. However during this time, the urge to expand and the extra enthusiasm can mean that you push it too far or get involves in too many projects than you can handle. So try to curb your enthusiasm a little during this boisterous phase and focus on fewer rather than too many projects. Try not to overindulge or overspend, and also go easy on your friends and partners. If you have plans for something big, then better to hold off for a month or two because from mid June right through till the end of 2012, you have one of the luckiest transits of all, Jupiter sextile Sun. Now combined with the great eclipse, the rest of 2012 promised to be most fortunate. Excellent confidence and optimism, warm relationships, and the chance to make some healthy increases in your wealth: money, possessions, and importantly inner happiness. Travel, holidays, new studies and new relationships are all favored.

Vamos esperar para ver!

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