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Vénus-Plutão em sinastria

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«Whenever any of these two planets are touching each other in a synastry (a combined chart of two people) something very powerful happens.

Pluto is concentrated energy, pure focus, ruthless action beyond control, obsession, destruction and reconstruction.

Venus is charm, grace and beauty. It’s social interaction and the outlet for love. It’s purity and blessed union.

Now, combine these two concepts and you get one of the most “fated” and “trapped into” relationships you’ll ever have.

The bond is felt like something beyond your control, and, especially in the beginning of the relationship, this might be frightening. First, you feel this unspeakable attraction towards the person in front of you and you’re drawn to that person like a moth to flame. You surrender. And start interacting, talking and, from the first words, you feel like there was something meant to be. Things usually evolve very fast and, before you even realize what’s happening to you, you wake up one morning with an obsessive, compulsive and oh, so incredibly beautiful and intense relationship. You feel the depth of what’s lying in front of you and, scared, you try to run. Alas, it’s not possible. It really isn’t. You’re stuck.

And for a good reason: Pluto-Venus relationships are not meant to be avoided. They are meant to be lived, consumed down to your last living cell. The “infection” of Pluto in your being is unstoppable. So, usually, the person who “is” Pluto in this combination calls the shots. But, mind you, if there’s enough of emotional maturity, Venus can subtly undermine Pluto position and put him through some tough tests too, if not driving him totally crazy. But, most of the time, it’s the Pluto person who holds the power.

Pluto wants to “merge” with Venus, wants to transform her from the core, wants to burn down all of her charms and rejoice in the flames. And then he wants to rebuild Venus from the ashes, just to be able to start over again. In a way, this is exactly what’s happening, especially if there are other hard aspects in the synastry, or if one, or both of the partners are not very mature or aware. Sooner or later they’ll slip into a gigantic emotional roller-coaster, in which the need to be with one another is simply irrepressible, and they’ll start spinning until they – metaphorically – die. Which usually translates into some kind of rupture or separation. If the “garbage” that needs to be cleaned up by Pluto was cleaned, the rupture is for good. If not, the two zombies will meet again, in a hypnotic dance of love and hate, until the roller–coaster will throw them down again, tired, bruised and completely transformed.

Pluto-Venus aspects are not about durability, you need some serious Saturn in the synastry in order to make it last. Pluto-Venus is about explosion, is about deep transformation and rebirth. Now, if you are fortunate enough to have some Saturn aspects as well in the chart, like Saturn on the Ascendant in the Composite (which will make the relationship very self-contained), or, even better, some smooth Venus-Saturn interaspects in the syanstry, then you’re in for a real treat. Not only you’ll experience the intensity of the Pluto-Venus dance, but you will have and enduring relationship. Meaning that each crisis will push you higher and higher. The potential for evolution in this combination is enormous. Yes, there will be a roller coaster, but with each deadly spin you’ll evolve into something bigger or better, AND, you will do this together – Saturn will take care about that. And will take about that for a long time.

Now, a little bit about jealousy and possessiveness. Yes, these are real dangers in a Venus – Pluto relationship. The Pluto person being the one experiencing them, and in a very nasty manner.The slightest sign of independence from the part of the Venus person is often misinterpreted as a sign of ending the relationship. Pluto is intense and he wants it all or nothing, now or never. Venus is sociable, and a smile is just a smile. But for Pluto, seeing the Venus person smiling to another one, feels like a stab in the back. And that makes them feel powerless, defeated, deserted. Of course, they’re not, Venus is still their prisoner, but that’s how Pluto feels. So, they start to reconquer the lost ground.

And one of the most common approaches to yield back their power is withdrawal. The Pluto persons, once they know how deep they are in the other partner, start to slowly withdraw, to become unavailable. It’s not that they don’t want to merge anymore with Venus. On the contrary, they want it so much and so deep that’s almost unspeakable. But they want to do it exclusively. They want to draw Venus in their territory, to lure her into their dark house, to consume her in their bed up to the last bit of flesh and bones. So, they start this game of “catch-me-if-you-can” which can be tempting and exciting for a while, but, as all Plutonian things, it will not be only for a while. It will be taken to extremes. That’s where things can get nasty. If Venus is not mature enough, she could either be emotionally imprisoned by Pluto, or she could run away, leaving Pluto crying in an ocean of misery. Either way, if there’s not enough emotional maturity involved, it could end bad.

And then, there’s the sex. Violent, total, tantric sex. The Pluto person will be the one surprised initially. The energies aroused in him / her by the Venus person are almost uncontainable. Pluto needs to have sex with Venus, no matter what, period. And it will be the kind of sex you will remember in 20 years, still trembling with pleasure.

So, that’s what usually happens when there is only a one way aspect, one person is only Pluto and the other one is only Venus.

But what happens when we have a “double-whammy”, meaning the partners are taking turns? The A person Pluto forms an aspect to the B person Venus, but the B person Pluto also aspects the A person Venus.

Well, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that, eventually, there will be a little bit of a balance here. The partners will take turns in calling the shots. There will be some sort of a power split between them. The bad news is that it will take some time until this balance is reached. And, usually, this will be a very ugly time: power games, mind games, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, everything will be used, because now there are two Pluto in the field. You can easily imagine how this adds up to the intensity of the relationship. It’s one of those relationships that are changing your life from the roots: you meet with a friend you haven’t seen in a year and he doesn’t recognize you anymore. You’ve been through a double-whammy Venus – Pluto relationship and now you’re literally a different person.

The cleanse that Pluto exerts is necessary. Pluto is “the garbage man”, it takes out what’s not needed anymore and strips it away from you. The problem is that it does this with absolutely no manners. He doesn’t know what manners are, he just does his job. At the end of the power clash, you will feel so much more powerful than in the beginning. And, again, if you are lucky enough to have some Saturn there, you will enjoy a very rewarding partnership, for a long time.

Note: the violent games are taking place when there are hard aspects: conjunction or opposition. The square is particularly prone to increased tension (both in the attraction and rejection areas). With the trine and sextile, the flow is more manageable, and that usually indicates that one or both of the partners are realistically aware and able to cope maturely with the situation.»

Link: http://www.crcdesignstudio.com/blog-en/2012/5/27/venus-conjunct-pluto-in-relationships.html

«I discovered that my partner's venus conjuncted my pluto and here is what Ms. Goodman had to say (mindboggling):

Whatever the connection -- family, business, or friendship -- these three aspects (sextile, trine and conjunction) are evidence of a a deep karmic bond from numerous past associations.

If found in the charts of lovers or mates, the bond is different and more profound. Even when occasional disagreements occur between you, whether initiated by yourself or by outsiders, it's next to impossible to separate the two of you permanently. One way or another, you'll be magnetized back together. Anyone who tries to come between you will not succeed. Even if attempts to sever the silver-blue cord between you appear to succeed temporarily, wait. You'll be back together as surely as the darkness of night is eternally banished by the sunrise and that's as "surely" as anything can be! The "grace" of this vibration can't be avoided.

After I read that, I started to panic: If I had known this beforehand, I wouldn't have become involved with this person in the first place! But then Ms. Goodman goes on to say that it is all karmic, and I really had no choice in the matter at all. My deeds in my past life forced me to meet him in this life.

These aspects indicate either Twin Souls or Soul Mates. Two people who were once the same individual are referred to as Soul Mates. One person was the male half of the soul and the other was the female half. As the universe evolved and man's relationship to God changed the souls were separated. They have an innate longing for the other, and both of them sense that a part of themselves is missing or incomplete. From lifetime to lifetime, these souls unite and feel the joy of completion. They find the twin half of themselves.

Soul Mates are fully absorbed in the other, and may experience extreme tension when your emotions can't be fully expressed. The sexual chemistry between you is magnetic and deep, and was so from your first meeting. It may or may not be consummated under the sextile or trine between these two planets, but is not likely to be resisted under the conjunction (so true!).

With any of these three aspects (especially the conjunction), you will meet involuntarily, and cannot be separated on Earth except for temporary periods. Not even death can separate you in the astral existence, because you will rush into mutual flesh rebirth to be reunited. These are powerful karmic vibrations of love, the kind of relationship called "love at first sight," which is not a fable, but attributable to karma. When apart you feel an inexpressible longing for one another, however much you may try to deny it for personal reasons. With, the sextile or trine, if you choose to postpone union until another incarnation, your mutual feelings will nevertheless be intense. With the conjunction, it's doubtful that you'll choose postponement. The ancient marriage ceremonial words "That which God hath joined together, let no man put asunder" apply to such lovers, not to all brides and grooms. Because such aspects are a precious gift from the Universe, and from the Higher Selves of the man and woman they can't be taken lightly. They require deep meditation and thoughtful analysis.

True Soul Mates are much more complex and rare than the idea that is commonly referred to in our culture.»

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