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It seems apparent that satire, parody and laughter is something which the western society is quite used to - and other types of societies, outside the western world norm, either do not share a similar sense of humour or, quite disturbingly, have no concept of humour and hilarity at all. Why? Anthropologists, philosophers, sociologists and psychologists are more suited to answer that. I have no idea.
On to the astrology. 

I’ll use the chart of July, 2nd, 1992, Paris, 12 noon, because Charlie Hebdo was relaunched at this date ("The publication of the new Charlie Hebdo began in July 1992"// Search results.)

We can see the Sun and Venus in the sign of Cancer (at first one would think a weird sign to see connected with a satirical magazine, but one also might argue that the ultimate Goal is to defend Patriotic and National Values - Cancer - using  wit, mockery and ridicule). Also Cancer is a highly artistic and imaginative sign. Many writers have planets on this sign. But if we keep examining the chart, we can see that Sun and Venus are opposing Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. This seems to show a very strong, ongoing, opposition from volatile (Uranus/Neptune) organizations, either governmental ones (Cancer opposes Capricorn) or other types of groups, outside the governmental and constitutional norm. The hostility could also be from very conservative (Capricorn), foreign (Uranus), religious (Neptune) groups. In other words: everyone in power or with power would pretty much be against them.

But where can we locate, in the chart, the humour, the satire? The MC is in Gemini (Medium Coeli. Shows our position in the world, the way the world views us, in this case, the way the magazine is seen - a humours and funny weekly journal). Gemini is (along with Sagittarius) the funny one. Also in this chart the Rising Sign is Virgo. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Leo, and in Leo there is always a propensity to express its beliefs in a very outwardly and passionate way. There is exalted idealism expressed in words and, in this case, in images (cartoons). Jupiter (connected with foreign countries) is currently transiting the sign of Leo, expanding the already grand speech and expression of this natal Mercury, making it even more fervent and zealous. (I am not criticizing in any way, only showing the nature of the planets involved). Jupiter, I would say, probably brought Charlie Hebdo again to the attention of the terrorists. Mercury in Leo has a tendency to boast its opinions in a very forceful and dramatic manner. It will never shut up and one can never accuse it of being diplomatic or prudent.

In this chart the Moon (represents instinct, emotion) connects with Mercury in a conjunction. So personality (and not true nature and individuality, which is better represented by the Sun) and thought processes are intensely joined. "What I think is Me; I am what I think"; and thoughts and emotions must be, immediately, dramatically and theatrically conveyed to the outside world, in a very proud fashion (Leo). Others must Admire (Leo) our ideas! (Mercury.)

(Again, I reiterate, this is neither disapproval nor reproach, only a chart analysis.)
The magazine has an emotional imperative (and I understand that this is not a person) - correcting myself: the magazine owners and those who work for it all possess an emotional imperative  to speak their thoughts, to speak their Truth, and do it in a funny way (Leo can be funny, it’s a fire sign, plus it wants to be admired. This Mercury wants its wit and creative side to be admired and cherished and also respected). Basically, they’ll do whatever it takes to get an audience. And this is what eventually got them hurt - Chiron, the planet connected with pain and sorrow, a sorrow that can never be extinguished, a never ending pain, Chiron is associated with the Moon and Mercury. Opinions bringing agony. 

The natal Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius (so, strong, even though is retrograde) and is tangled in a T-Square (difficult formation) with Pluto and Mars. These three planets have a strong association with aggression and violence.  So, in Charlie Hebdo’s chart there already was a possibility for a strong, horrific and violent act to occur.
But what was the astrological trigger for this ferocious attack? I would say the recent Full Moon at 14º31’ Cancer (occurred January, 5th, 2015). Full Moons mean culminations, finalities, and can hint at some sort of finalization. They are not “bad”. They mostly represent a conclusion (like getting a check, finalizing a deal, signing a contract, etc). This Full Moon impacted the Heart and Soul of Charlie Hebdo: Sun and Venus in Cancer, more specifically, Venus in Cancer, which is in the natal chart opposite Uranus and Neptune (at 16º and 17º Capricorn) and quincunx Saturn (a 150 degree aspect, showing difficulty in finding equilibrium and consensus between Art - Venus - and Authority - Saturn - particularly Traditional and Conservator Organization. This Saturn wants to repress this Venus for it feels Art has no respect for Authority nor Tradition). The quincunx is a tension aspect in no planet involved in it is ever satisfied because they both have to sacrifice something of value in order to form some sort of “dialogue” and viable relationship. 

Venus represents, astrologically, among other things, Art and the Artist.
And with Venus in Cancer, France’s National Culture and Choice of Artistic Expression was under fire. This Venus, being in Cancer, truly believes that it’s being Patriotic (Cancer) by expressing itself the way it does.
So, in France, Art itself was targeted, because Charlie Hebdo’s creative manifestation (Venus) was in conflict (impossible ever to resolve) with foreign (Aquarius) repressive (Saturn) groups, and was being opposed and fought by, again, a “foreigner” (Uranus) spirituality (Neptune), holding extremely conservative wold views (Uranus and Neptune and Capricorn). Repeating myself, the Art of France itself (Venus in Cancer) was/is targeted (which suddenly makes me think of the Louvre and other monuments of great importance to France - I assume many of such sites might be targets as well and are probably being protected and closely surveyed by French Police Forces). 

Dates that can bring Charlie Hebdo again into the news:
- February 3rd: Full Moon at 14º48’ Leo opposes natal Saturn in Aquarius (17º33’). I would say news about the attackers will come to light. And whatever they may be there’s also a risk of more aggression and violence since this Full Moon also triggers the natal Mars in Taurus and natal Pluto in Scorpio. So, perhaps, the French (or other authorities) might bring to light more information concerning the attack. Or some other attack (copycat) might be derailed.

During this Full Moon:
- transit Mercury at 6º Aquarius (opposing natal Mercury in Leo): perhaps a communication from a terrorist organization that did this (or connected with the terrorists in some way)?
- transit Venus at 7º55’ Pisces, opposing natal Jupiter in Virgo (9º57’): again Religion! Deadly opposing Art! (Venus in Pisces.) Venus in Pisces sacrifices itself for love and for it holds dear. Charlie Hebdo’s natal chart has a very Critical and possibly even Atheist Jupiter in Virgo. Criticizing theirs and others societies Faith, Beliefs and World Views (Jupiter) IS at the centre of their faith! I don’t like this transit in particular. Venus is Pisces likes to be a martyr...
- transit Mars at 16º Pisces: conjoining this chart 7th house (the house of “Open Enemies”). The enemies reveal themselves. Again I’m thinking “martyr” (Pisces). Again: I don’t like this.
- transit Jupiter at 18º Leo opposing natal Saturn in Aquarius: laughter and joy being opposed by conservative and repressive foreign, fixed, world views.
- transit Saturn at 3º Sagittarius: currently transits the 3rd house (impacting the weekly journal's daily activities and routine and also their Freedom of Speech), squaring natal Jupiter in Virgo (this is going to be around for at least a year). Charlie Hebdo sees its Beliefs (of ferocious critic) being fiercely repressed.
- plus the Uranus/Pluto square (in transit), magnifying the extreme violence and triggering/hitting natal Venus/Uranus/Neptune.
Radicals (Uranus) destroying, killing (Pluto) Art (Venus) due to religious and spiritual (Neptune) differences.
- the North Node in transit at 11º Libra hitting the Sun. A group of radicals (north node) wanting to destroy the magazine itself (Sun at 10º Cancer).
All of this probably signals a very dramatic transformation of Charlie Hebdo, but I hope that the journal will carry on.

In March, 2015, there will be last Pluto/Uranus square at 15º Capricorn/Aries - hitting again critical degrees and elements of Charlie Hebdo’s natal chart. I hope there is no violence or, if there is, that it is immediately deterred.
5th of March: Full Moon at 14º50 Virgo. I would say the beginning of the magazine’s reconstruction (internal, inner, I mean).   

Another lunation that we must pay close attention to is the Lunar Eclipse at 14º24’ Libra, April 4th, 2015. It hits the same degrees already mentioned. The problem is it is an eclipse, therefore, much more powerful.
I don’t want to say “another attack” but I hope the French authorities do their best to protect the journalists and cartoonists (Venus is being hit - again) and also their families (Venus in Cancer). Hopefully they will be protecting them.

Transits during this lunar eclipse:
- transit Mercury trines natal Moon/Mercury. The public will be buying the magazine as a way to act according to their beliefs (Freedom of Expression!). Some sort of news, hopefully, good news.
- transit Venus at 22º Taurus opposes natal Scorpio Pluto: again Art and Culture being targeted.
- transit Jupiter at 12º Leo squares natal Mars at 12º Taurus - more religious, fanatical, violence.
- transit Saturn squares more closely natal Jupiter (religious differences not allowing laughter), but this Saturn also squares transiting Neptune. All these planets are involved in a T-Square. More religious intolerance.
- North Node squares exactly the natal Sun: the group targets the magazine itself. Seems like another attack, even worse than the first one. I hope not. I really hope the French Authorities move the journalists and their families to a secluded, undisclosed, location.

May 4th, 2015: Full Moon at 13º Scorpio. Opposes natal Mars: more threats of violence? But it sits in a wide square no natal Saturn - so the violence is stopped? It positively aspects natal Sun/Venus. Charlie Hebdo will be asserting itself? Maybe with a special issue?
Another possibility of some sort of aggression: July, 2nd, 2015, Full Moon at 9º55 Capricorn (also, I believe, Charlie Hebdo’s anniversary).

The Solar Return of 2015/2016 hints at a possible reconstruction of the weekly journal’s identity. Something radical and extreme (not necessarily violent). Maybe even a relocation of its office? Even to some secret place?
However, that year (2015/16), they will be passionately reaffirming even more their truth and cultural identity. These guys will not be shut up. More opponents, maybe, yes; even extreme danger during this year. But will they be quiet? NOP. They will speak, write and draw even more! (Pissing everyone off.) Some elements also hint that their secret enemies will be outed. Probably some other attacks are uncovered and detained. 

Killing Charlie Hebdo? Not fucking likely.                    


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