domingo, dezembro 06, 2015

From Islam Watch:

Reforming Muslims is different from reforming Islam, and easier, but requires courage and political determination. We must have the backbone to abolish the PC culture regarding Islam. The religion must be discussed objectively and openly with no restriction on criticism. Intellectuals with critical views about Islam must be allowed to air their views without any intimidation. Former Muslims should be encouraged to participate in such debates; those who left Islam are the ones who know it best. So far, the only people who are allowed to speak about Islam are the imams and Muslims leaders and their lies go unnoticed and unchallenged. Muslim groups, Imams and other Muslim organisations should be stripped off their powers. Governments should keep a close eye on mosques and all Friday sermons should be officially approved, just like the Arab governments have been doing all the time. The truth of Islam must be told, which is exactly what we are doing on this site albeit on a small scale. Muslims are ordinary humans who have been conditioned to believe a big lie that has been told to them again and again. They believe Muhammad was a prophet but they don't know his dark history because it has been brushed away by their scholars to hide the truth. They believed their scholars’ claims that the Quran, which teaches ignorance, has scientific miracles. There are millions of Muslims who would happily denounce their religion once they discover the truth. There are millions others of Muslims who are in Islam only because they find comfort in numbers. Their reason is that all those millions of Muslims can’t be wrong. They too will leave as they see their fellows in faith leaving. Naturally, some Muslims will cling to their religion until their last breath, they are too weak or too scared to open their eyes. Such Muslims will become a minority. And when Muslims are minority, they become harmless and respectful to others.

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