terça-feira, dezembro 07, 2010


Porque, como sempre, continuo obcecada.

Para dia 20 deste mês tenho este trânsito:

"Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Ascendant

The time is right to purchase a house, buy a car, sign a contract or seal a great business deal. This happy-go-lucky transit should keep you laughing and grinning all the way to the bank. You'll not only feel attractive, confident, loving and sexy, but your great mood will rub off on everyone you meet. If you go shopping, you'll probably find exactly what you need. You have the power to cajole anyone into doing just about anything you ask."

Fixolas. Um dia antes do eclipse lunar. Olarilas.
Era bom que eu fosse a "rir até ao banco". Ó pois, ó não era.

E no dia do eclipse tenho este trânsito:

"Transiting Mercury Conjunct Natal Moon

Get in there and relate what you feel. Use descriptive, emotionally charged words. Delete logic. How else will they understand? Presenting thoughts about feelings in an emotionally charged conversation leads to unnecessary pushing to the deepest depths of feelings. These pushes create bruises. Bruises force sharp and hurtful words forward. The simple solution is to state feelings as feelings, and thoughts as thoughts. Corral all your feelings to the conscious mind. Make notes before critical emotional showdowns. Know what the emotion feels like before describing it."

Não sei se isto é muito bom porque o signo é Sagitário. E Sagitário tem, por vezes, propensão para falar demais e decalarar publicamente o que não deve.


A 29 de Dezembro há este:

"Transiting Mercury Sextile Natal Uranus

The insights appearing to you blaze new, undiscovered frontiers in the mental landscape. Solutions to old problems may appear out of the blue. You're able to pull together information from diverse places and create meaningful new conceptual frameworks. Your mind is quick and ready to leap to answers no one else can easily see. Words flow in their own rhythm, not necessarily for smooth talking, but for stimulation and freshness. Unexpected communication can work to your advantage now."

Se calhar neste dia é melhor não beber café.
Só cházinho.
Daquele que acalma.

(O link é o mesmo).

E é tudo.

/Dunya out

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