segunda-feira, julho 25, 2011


Adiar, adiar, adiar...

Alguns artigos sobre o tema.

1. First of all, I had to steel my mind. If I had to do it, I had to do it now. This sort of became a chant and though I was a slow starter, I began by immediately attending to important tasks and slowly got a grip on myself.

2. I started thinking positively. I trashed all the negative feelings I had nursed about my boss, my friends, my colleagues and even my wife, and I painted everybody with the color of sunlight and my whole thinking process changed for the better. The cobwebs in my mind cleared and I began looking at people and things in a new perspective.

3. Thinking positive gradually pushed away all the self-defeating thoughts that used to lurk in my mind. "Can't" became "can; "Shall not" turned into "Will do", and things began changing because I began getting initial positive feedback from my family members!

4. Gradually, I began planning for tasks and began enjoying the process too! Okay, there was my wife around to goad me on, and my children were looking at their dad in a new light and that somehow gave me the strength to carry on with my anti-procrastination drive.

5. Okay, I'll be lying if I say that the transformation was magical, because it wasn't. To begin with, I had to break down important tasks into small do-able pieces and then attend to them. But, with time, I found I could manage monstrous tasks in a snap.

6. Well, I did try out a little meditation and found it had a calming influence on me. Believe me, a calming influence can give you the inner strength to go about your work without anyone's help or interference.

Meu Deus: até há um blog sobre o assunto!

Este link também é muito bom:

Huumm, pelo que leio é importante modificar as coisas que dizemos a nós próprios sobre nós próprios. Ter uma atitude optimista e positiva (consistentemente e não apenas de vez em quando) parece ajudar a atingir objectivos e completar tarefas.

Uma ideia: ser POSITIVA durante 30 dias. Eliminar todo o negativismo. Eish...! Faço sempre bué planos, eu :)

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