quinta-feira, março 01, 2012

Artigos sobre Escrita


"What will happen is agents and publishers will use self-publishing as the new slush pile, letting the author do all the work, and then scoop in"

(Muito bom.)

"The best thing you can do as an author is put out more books."
(Conselho que estou sempre a ler.)

(Como vender 1 milhão de livros no kindle. Epá! :D)
"Have multiple books. Yes, you’ve heard that one before! I was stunned to read that Locke has a full-time job, a family, responds to his email, and manages to write a book in 7 weeks. If you think writing fast means bad quality, read Dean Wesley Smith on the matter. I would personally love to speed up to this rate of writing. I have it in my head. I need to get it to the page faster. To be this financially successful, you need multiple books. James Patterson, also a Kindle million seller, has a book a month out now, although he does have co-writers. Again, this is a business and so there needs to be product to sell."


"This goes back to my thoughts on what the highest paid authors have in common. Write popular fiction, not literary genius, if you want large sales figures. It’s also backed up by the sales figures of John Locke and Amanda Hocking, neither of whom claim to be prize-winning literary authors. They just want to entertain. You have to decide what you want as an author."

(Word count!)

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