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Indicadores Psíquicos

«9. Moon Sextile Uranus: There is an opportunity to bring unusual ideas and concepts into fruition. They have keen intuitive powers with an alert mind.

14. Sun Sextile Uranus: There is an opportunity to awaken an awareness of the inner self. This person is original, independent and highly intuitive. 

20. Mercury Conjunct Uranus: All aspect between Mercury and Uranus are good for they tune the conscious mind to the Universal Mind; Uranus, tunes the mind to a higher octave and speeds up the perception and quickens the intuition. “When Mercury is joined with the three outer bodies (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), it acts as a link between the rational faculties and the intuition (Uranus), psychic vision or impressions (Neptune), and the various transcendental processes at work in life (Pluto).”
(Eu tenho o Mercúrio Dracónico em Balança em conjunção com o Urano natal... )

25. Mercury Trine Neptune: Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; can benefit from dreams and visions; has ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind. 

28. Venus Conjunct Neptune: Psychically sensitive; mystical and spiritual tendencies in chart of an advanced soul.
(Novamente: Vénus Dracónica em conjunção com o Neptuno natal.)

40. Jupiter Sextile Neptune: Opportunity to follow inner leading, to be intuitive and psychic; must be developed to become a reality. 

53. Neptune Sextile Pluto: There is the opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; Can develop clairvoyance & prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers;  desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

64. Ascendant Conjunct Neptune: Psychic and intuitive
(mais ou menos... Neptuno está mais perto da Casa 2 do que do Ascendente...)

72. ** Kite Formation: the Focal Point of the Kite collects the energies of the other planets involved. All of this energy is then focused and channeled through this one focal planet’s qualities. Because of its power, it can become a focal point of the personality. It is a grand trine, with a sextile aspect connecting to each side of one of its three points. This is called the focal point, or point of the Kite. This focal point is also part of an internal opposition that creates a “tail” for the kite formation. The opposition acts as an internal balancing rod, so that the energy/qualities of the planetary kite tail of the opposition are used to push the energies of the focal planet into action. The type of actions taken, how the kite affects the native, depends on the planets, houses, signs, etc involved in the formation. I use the Moon’s Nodes, and the Asc/Desc, MC/IC axes to form the kite formation.
(No meu caso: o ponto focal é Saturno - responsabilidade e dever - na Casa 8, a casa do oculto. E da morte.)

79. Pisces: Visionary, mystical if unafflicted. Needs other characteristics in chart to be reliable.
(Lua dracónica.)

87. Scorpio: Intuition is well developed;
(Sol Dracónico.)

92. Mercury in Cancer: extremely psychic.  (Tenho. Natal.)
98. Mercury in the 9th: (if favorably aspected, especially if it aspects Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, can give prophetic insight into the future.) 
(O meu mercúrio natal tem péssimos aspectos. O positivo é um trígono com Neptuno. Ah - e sextil com plutão.)

100. Venus in Signs:

101. Sagittarius: Good intuition;
(Vénus dracónica neste signo.)

106. Jupiter in Signs: Aquarius: Intuitive,
110. Jupiter in Houses:

111. 3rd (intuition strong) ,
115. Saturn in Cancer: Psychic tendencies strong

116. Saturn in 8th, ( in sextile or trine aspect only)  - pois. Eu é só quadraturas e oposições. Bons aspectos são um sextil com Marte e outro com o MC.

125. Neptune in Signs: 127. Sagittarius (1970-1985): prophetic; an ability to develop clairvoyance. Gives psychic sensitivity that will give the ability to pierce the veils of matter and know Truth. Intuitive nature will be highly developed.
131. Neptune Retrograde: There is an intuitive awareness of the subconscious mind, but difficulty in tuning in to it consciously.

132. Neptune in Houses:
133. 1st: Psychic sensitivity very strong; visionary, artistic, hypersensitive; psychic sensitivity could bring confusion until person seeks spiritual evolvement. 

152. **South Node in Cancer: Born psychic from past life
155. **South Node in 8th House: indicates psychic, mediumistic, astral or out-of-body abilities; abilities were developed in a past life and are available, * if not afflicted , especially to Uranus or Neptune.

No total (sem contar aspectos com o mapa dracónico), tenho: 18 aspectos.
8th House represents the entrance to the next dimension, rules the psychic senses and out-of-body experiences. Rules psychic levels. People with planets here have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisible currents. If the planets in this house are afflicted, the individual has been involved in misuse of psychic faculties, particularly if Mars is afflicted to Neptune or in this house. (Saturno em Caranguejo aqui.)

9th House: Intuition, inspiration, spiritual visions. Indicates higher levels of consciousness as to both mind and emotion. Planets in their fall or detriment show misuse of their energies; wise use is shown by rulers and exaltation. (Sol em Leão/ Mercúrio em Caranguejo.)

Saturn: The tester. Saturn’s goal is perfection. Through the chastening process of testing, sorrow, delay, disappointment, limitation , privation, man learns the purpose of life is to gain experience, patience, humility, wisdom and compassion. Keywords: Patience, self-discipline, humility, responsibility, diplomacy, respect, endurance.
Scorpio: The passionate; represents the control and mastery of the emotional nature through loving Will.
Sextile: Sextiles are underlined to indicate potential or opportunity. They must be activated or they will not operate. (Astrology: A cosmic Science, pg. 71) This is an aspect that denotes potential or opportunity for development in this lifetime, and differs from the trine which indicates that the ability has already been developed in past life times and is available for use in this one.
Square: Keyword is obstacle. Squares represent the lessons we have failed to learn. The quickest way to release ourselves from these difficulties is to face them and solve them.
Uranus: Uranus represents intuition that comes like lightening, in a flash. Uranus is the occultist.
* *If afflicted, investigating into psychic or occult could bring trouble: your intuition will tell you if this applies. It will be an obvious and strong feeling; you cannot make a ‘mistake’ and ‘accidentally’ get into trouble in the metaphysical/occult/esoteric/spiritual realm, because we are always warned in advance, and then we choose to proceed ‘where angels fear to tread’. »

Huuuu, sou psíquica (nunca notei nada :p), huuuu, vou já jogar no Euromilhões, huuuuu.

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