quarta-feira, setembro 26, 2012

Spain - heading nowhere good (Marjorie Orr)

A week is a long time in the EU as false highs deflate into the expected lurch downhill. Spain's economy continues to shrink at a "significant rate" in the third quarter, the Bank of Spain says. It is currently in a deepening recession, with the unemployment rate at its highest level since the 1970s. With major public demonstrations some violent against further cuts, it is no longer clear whether premier Mariano Rajoy can deliver on any austerity deal with Brussels, necessary for a further bail out.
And as if his woes were not enough the Catalans who are net contributors to the Spanish coffers want their independence, a fact rammed home by an unprecedented protest by 1.5m people in Barcelona 10 days ago. The 9m Catalans in north eastern Spain have an economy the size of Austria's.
Plus all the signs are that the black economy in Spain is running at around 25% of GDP.
This mid November's Scorpio Solar Eclipse will conjunct the Spain 1975 (22 Nov 12.45pm) chart's Midheaven, North Node, Mercury Sun all in Scorpio - so it will bring significant challenges to Spain's ambitions and direction over the next few years. Tr Neptune is in a debilitating panicky trine to Mars at the moment till late December. Into 2013 tr Pluto square tr Uranus hits its' financial Pluto Venus opposition Jupiter square Moon and continues to batter at that thro' 2013/14 and 15. So the populace will be up in arms with that tr Uranus tr Pluto hitting the Cancer Moon with feelings running exceptionally high.
The Spain 19 Jan 1479 chart which works well shows up even more clearly the gravity of their present situation with the Saturn opposition Mars in the chart having moved by Solar Arc to square the Uranus Neptune conjunction thro' 2012/13/14 and Solar Arc Pluto being conjunct Mars now and opposition Saturn by 2014. So it is likely to be the worst three years for Spain in almost a century.
Spain joined the EU along with Portugal on 1 January 1986 which gives a Neptune Venus Sun conjunction in Capricorn at 3/5/10 degrees trine Moon at 4 degrees Virgo, sextile Pluto Mars at 6/10 degrees Scorpio. With Solar Arc Saturn moving to conjunct Neptune in 2013 and Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct Saturn at the same time. That all looks horrendous frankly with not only tr Pluto square tr Uranus upsetting the applecart hitting the Sun next year and 2014; but tr Neptune chipping away confidence as well as it squares Saturn and Solar Arc Pluto in 2013/14.
It's impossible to see good coming out of this situation for years and years. Though any split will be very bitter indeed with that focal point Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio.


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