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Out of Bounds Moon

Apparently (I just found out) I have an Out of Bounds Moon.

According to this article:


It means:
"What does it mean astrologcaly for the Moon to be Out of Bounds? Start with one merrily anarchic notion: when the Moon’s declination exceeds 23°28' North or 23°28' South, it has escaped the physical space dominated by the gravitational “boss” of the solar system, the Sun.

Let the metaphors free-associate.

The Moon is then, in other words, out of the King’s sight. No longer under Daddy’s thumb. We might say that has moved beyond the Pale. Gone out of control. Or gone wild. It has broken the rules. It has shattered the boundaries, broken the mold, crossed the Rubicon. Bravely, or drunkenly, the Moon has said, “Roll the dice.”

The Out of Bounds Moon is spontaneous, emancipated, liberated, released in its own recognizance, and utterly on its own. It has loudly proclaimed, “You can take this job (. . . marriage, church, obligation, moral principle, town, duty . . .) and shove it.” The Moon has claimed its genius, its passion, and its right to be itself. No need to obfuscate, to be diplomatic, or to lie to anyone anymore—unless you feel like it. No more coprophagious grin. No need to worry about staying in anyone’s good graces. Out of Bounds, the Moon no longer plays the game. It rejects all rules that are not of its own making. “Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are finally free at last!,” said Martin Luther King, Jr.

The words stir the blood. But we need to let them stir the mind as well.

Structure, discipline, and a world in which our actions have consequences—these are not purely negative things. Society and its values can have a steadying effect upon us, even when we feel frustrated by them. The Out of Bounds Moon, like everything else in astrology, has an unpleasant, dangerous side as well as a divine purpose. Its dark side is sociopathic, even criminal—or merely selfish and insensitive to others. It can be cold, even inhuman.

You may detect some of the underlying spirit of the planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius in these words. That is quite accurate. In my experience, an Out of Bounds Moon has distinctly Aquarian quality. We see the familiar Uranian “holy trinity” at work—the Genius, the Revolutionary and the Criminal. All three of them stand outside the normal structure of society, applying leverage to it—and meeting resistance, condemnation, and consequences for it.

As with Aquarian or Uranian influences, the Out of Bounds Moon often thrusts alienating circumstances upon a person from outside. This is of course the classic working of synchronicity—what we meet (or fail to face) in our inner world is encountered in the “random” realities of our outer lives.

Inwardly, the Out of Bounds Moon often correlates with feelings of being an outsider, of not fitting in, of not having a place in this world. This can be painful—and it can also lead to an attitude of not giving a damn. Or to passivity. Or to resentment. And to radical forms of existential creativity."

(Mine is at 24º23' South)

"In turning our focus to the OOB Moon, I observe that qualities that this group of famous people have in common are very accurate intuition/ hunches, deep-seated need for freedom, capacity to inspire, high emotional intelligence, increased self-understanding, ability to freely dance to the beat of one's own drummer, value system different from society, people who are ahead of their time, great depth of emotion, penetrating insight into the human condition and a high level of empathy and humanitarianism. "


From astrologyweekly.com forum I got this:

"OOB moon: Unusual public attention, powers of intuition"


She wrote:

"In my opinion planets that are out of bounds describe the ability to function outside of the box. These positions often describe those with an intense need for personal freedom; lateral thinkers; original artists; people who are not bound by normal conventions and the rules of society; and sometimes people who are just lawless.

Therefore many original and unusual people have out of bounds planets. For example Mozart had an out of bounds Mars at 27N11 and also at 0 Cancer. This may have described his genius, particularly as Mars was also involved in a quintile pattern (creativity).

Many modern day astrologers have ‘out of bounds’ planets as astrology is presently not part of mainstream thought. This is particularly the case for astrologers who can be termed ‘original thinkers’ and offer new ideas or new information in our area."

From this site: http://www.astrology21.co.uk/b1outofbounds.html

"The out of bounds Moon has become a popular declination cycle for astrologers to study. It's said to have relevance to people's emotional life, instincts, and habitual responses."

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