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Psyche in Scorpio

«Psyche in Scorpio, the most introspective and intense of the Water signs, implies deep empathy. You can be very empathic towards those you feel connected to, and they will feel like you can read their minds when you’re with them. You sense their emotions and sometimes react in your own way as though they are your emotions, even though they are emotions reflected upon you.

In relationships: You yearn for a deep understanding from a partner, his desires must meet yours on a level that you will feel love-making as soul-union. You tend to feel things to the core, and you react with all your being. You want to share a meaningful unity with your partner. Your intense emotions are often tempered with a secret shyness and a respect for you partner, provided he treats you with equal respect.

The Soulmate union that you seek and offer is one that is beautiful, transcendent and cosmic in nature. A connection with you gives them a sense that you blow their mind!

The love that you need is not found in those who are just physical or material. You need depth, understanding, meaningfulness and love from a person who would be able to offer you emotional safety and security, equality, true love and fulfilment.

You wish for someone who would be able to dream with you, be awake with you, hold you when you’re feeling weak, support you in emotional ways to keep you strong and focused. A person strong enough to be your equal. A mate strong enough to stand naked in their soul, meeting your true self behind all your façades.

Don’t deny your hidden true self, or wait for someone to give you permission to be who you really are. The answer to the question of you cannot be someone else’s job to answer, it’s yours. Your secret heart desires to be found, accepted, loved, cherished, adored and embraced. Be it in friendship, in love or in marriage.

This is also where you are strongest and most vulnerable; because your ability to feel or know” what people are thinking, they might consider you someone to be feared or avoided once they feel you know them too well and they wouldn’t want you to see too much into them.

The lover who betrays her trust to even the teensiest degree is out that door, forgotten in a moment. She knows her journey is to find ‘the one’.»

Source: http://niuniente.tumblr.com/

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