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(For entertainment purposes only!)
(I do not know Beyonce and this is Not a private reading she has asked me to do. I am not associated in any way with Beyonce Knowles.)


Before moving on to the reading, I'd like to explain a little bit about my preparation method.
I meditated for a few minutes and I asked my guardian angel to connect to Beyonce's guardian angel so I could give the best reading/message possible. I also contacted my Higher Self, asking to connect me to her Higher Self, and I had the same request: please help me give the best advice possible, the most beneficial message.

(I know all of this might seems rather silly but I feel I must elaborate on my method and explain it.)

Also I must clarify that I am not a medium nor a psychic. I am an ordinary person and without the tarot cards or without an astrological map I would know absolutely nothing. What I have is intuition, like We All Do.

Plus, my interpretation must not serve as medical or judicial advice.

To be accurate, I see my card or chart interpretation just as another instrument at our disposal which can be used to help make the best possible decision in whatever area of our life.

It is very important the individual makes the final judgment. I believe that in large extent we are masters of our destiny, Lords of our own Fate. We make our fate depending upon the actions we take.
I hope I'm making myself clear, I just wanted to clarify my method and also my feelings.

More: I am not associated with Beyonce Knowles in any way. I do not know her, this reading was not made by her request. I have no idea if I'm “right” or “wrong” in my interpretation of the tarot cards. This is for entertainment purposes only!

Ok, on to the reading now.


(I will, throughout the reading, speak as if I'm speaking to Miss Beyonce Knowles directly – this is just a way that I use to help me interpret the cards better. Again: I DO NOT KNOW HER! I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH HER IN ANY WAY!)


This 21 card tarot reading looks at seven areas of your life, going from past, to present and to future.
(This reading is relevant for you within the time frame of six months to a year - meaning, you can see it manifest in your life for the next six to twelve months, up to February / March 2017.)
(In the image of the cards you'll see 1 to 7: they are the key areas of your life; and you can see as well A, B and C. A: past, B: present, C: Future.)
Deck used: Mini Rider Waite.


With the three of swords in the past position, in the sphere of your life connected to work, to me it might have two possible meanings. The first is that the in the past, in terms of work, there was some back stabbing and real disappointment. But how can that be? You're Beyonce! You're one of the most successful artists EVER! So this, perhaps, could relate to when you first started in the business and things didn't immediately started successfully, but that's to be expected in any business, in area work related area, right? Plus, after that, you rose up and your career just blossomed. The other way of viewing this tarot card is that, you, personally, felt the success you had in the past was insufficient. Maybe you were (and still are) a perfectionist? Maybe you felt you were disappointing others and yourself by not presenting your Absolute Best work? Yet another possibility of reading the three of swords has to do with someone betraying you, causing you pain. I know there were many changes connected with the people you work with in the past few years, so this card might speak to that.

In the present the card that showed up was the nine of swords. In it we can see a human figure, unable to sleep at night due to worry. Again another card which kind of conveys a feeling of Disappointment. Maybe you are worried about the path your career is on right now? I really don't understand it because, from an outside perspective, what I see, as a fan, is your extreme and ever growing success! And yet the card shows there's some concern, some fear. Maybe you fear to lose it all? You are afraid you will be unable to maintain the level of success you've experienced so far? If that is the case, please stop worrying, you are fabulous and great. Another meaning might be that Something connected to your career and work is happening right now, which cannot be seen by the general public, and That's why you are troubled, that's why you can hardly sleep at night. If there is some sort of lawsuit (and I only give this as an example) I would say, in the future (and this reading is valid up for a year, therefore, up to February/March 2017), there might be some sort of settling. The future position shows the Justice (a major arcana card). So it might mean you are able to finally put your worries to rest and find some Inner Balance, an ability to stop worrying and to find calmness (maybe with the aid of meditation?). If it's not that, perhaps there might be some court case related to your work. I have no idea if you'll win or not, whatever happens, hopefully justice will prevail. Another way of interpreting the card is that, in the time period of a year, you might be signing (or Ending) a contract. I would say more singing than ending. It does not have necessarily to be connected with the music business, it can be something entirely different, it can be something new which you've never tried before, but some sort of deal, a new deal, might be on the table. 


The pages usually announce something so they might even represent an actual message. They also symbolize something totally new, a new endeavor, a new project, a new area of life which is expanding. With the Page of Pentacles in the past position I would say the card speaks more of your daughter and the willingness to have a child and to build a new foundation, more grounded, in your family life. To me it speaks, in the past, of Starting your own family, of Building your own family unit. It also tells me you, Mrs. Carter, only had that very strong and grounded feeling of having a family when your child was born. The pages represent young people, usually children (sometimes teenagers) and the pentacles represent the earth element. I checked. Your daughter has a lot of strong, earth signs in her birth chart. She has Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. That's power, lots of resilience and inner strength. Plus, her Rising Sing is in Virgo and conjunct it she has Mars in Virgo. Furthermore, she also has Jupiter in Taurus, another earth sign! AND there's a total of Four other planets (according to the astrodienst chart) occupying Earth houses (the second, the sixth and the tenth house). According to the same map, her natal Mercury is also located in the sign of Capricorn. That's a lot of earth!  Earth signs are really grounded, disciplined, practical, realistic and pragmatic. Your daughter is going to be a hard-working girl and woman. So the Page of Pentacles showing up, to me, it clearly indicates your daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

In the present the card that came out was the seven of wands (also called rods). The seven of wands usually depicts a person who is fighting an unseen enemy, actually more than one: the figure holds up a stick while we see another six rods being held by other people (whom we do not see) and they are about to attack the man. This is a card of being assailed and standing your ground, defending your principles, your values, your ideas, not backing down, fighting until your last breath. This is an unsettling card to come up for the family area. You feel like you have to fight for yourself? Like you are constantly being criticized? You feel like you are under attack by your own family? (It doesn't mean that you are, only that you might FEEL as if you were!). It doesn't have to infer an actual attack from someone in your family, it might mean that, in some area of your life, your values and the values of your family are Different somehow and you feel the need to Defend and stand up for your principals and ideals. It could be that, perhaps. I don't exactly know, I just interpret the cards as they showed up.

In the future the card appearing was the eight of pentacles. For some reason I thought “therapy” and working to keep your family grounded. OR: working to keep the family (this could be your husband and daughter OR it could be mother, father, sibling) together, anchored (even working all conjointly – more than usual). Or this could be that the routines are always the same, there's no novelty in your family life, is like you all know each other like the back of your hands and the general feeling is one of boredom. So maybe this card is asking for you to do with your family something new and original - go and vacation in a new place, try new things, surprise one another. Another way of interpreting it is that you will be spending lots and lots of time in a new project (maybe a new album, but not necessarily), working long hours, obsessing with every single detail, so much so you won't have time to spend with your loved ones. If it's not you spending all the time in a new endeavor, it could be your spouse. 

3) Luck and Yearning (or Desire and Longing): EIGHT OF CUPS/ THE HANGED MAN/ THE HERMIT

The whole sensation that these cards give me is that, for luck to manifest into your life, Mrs. Carter, you'll have to always leave something behind - and you probably know what to leave behind and when to do it (on an intuitive level). The luck and the fulfillment of wishes arriving in your life have a cost, probably a painful one but it manifests along with some sort of Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment (if that makes any kind of sense to you, I hope it does, I'm just reading the cards! I do not channel, I merely read the messages present in the tarot cards and I also try to convey my own general feelings, emotions and sensations - however I don't call these “channeling”).

In the past the card appearing is the eight of cups. Luck is manifested in your life when you leave something behind, when you abandon an old way of living; this might even speak of cutting ties with family (or certain family members. I believe your father is no longer your manager and that, in your heart, must have hurt, but it probably was the best thing to do - and also allowed you to have a new life and to grow spiritually). I get a feeling of praying or meditating, of going within yourself and asking god or a higher power to give you advice in how to behave, in what path you should follow. Also this area of life has to do with yearning and wishing, not just 'luck'. Like a soul yearning - and to me all I see is that the soul's greatest desire is that of spiritual growth to a Master Level. Also, in terms of spiritual practices, I would say, with the eight of cups, in the past you chose one spiritual practice, you settled in one which made the most sense to you - and completely devoted yourself to it. What I get is: you luck comes from your connection to Spirit, Source, God, whatever you want to call it - and the more Connected you are the luckier you become and, I would dare say, you seem to be fully aware of this.

In the present you, Mrs. Carter, have a major arcana card, the Hanged Man. It could be read in several ways. Again a need to sacrifice something in order for luck to manifest in your life, like, sacrificing things that are really not that important (though they might seem as important); OR sacrificing something (or even someone) that (whom) is really important to you - in order for you to have what your yearn for. The other way of reading the Hanged Man is, again, in a more spiritual way, and whatever sacrifice you make or are required to make will serve to fulfill your soul's yearning and it is not mere 'luck' (because luck seems to be more focused on the material realm). Your luck comes from God, that's what I get (however, it's 'luck' which has embedded a deep spiritual purpose). Also the Hanged Man might speak of a pause, of a break, like there's not much going on right now and you're spending some quiet (and needed) time with yourself, resting and reconnecting with the Source.

For the future the card which showed up was another major arcana card, the Hermit. It speaks of seeking your own inner guiding light, your own spiritual truth, your own way, your own path. I swear, if you were a Buddhist monk somewhere in Asia I would say you'd be going up to the mountains, to meditate, to be closer t the Source, to find the truth.

Again, there's different ways of reading the Hermit.

In the future maybe you might feel (this is within a year) very much alone and even as if you have no luck at all - though I don't see it that way. To me, if there is solitude, is something which you Seek, it's something which you'll use in a deep sacred way, in a way to further advance you and your soul in growth. So, maybe you'll yearn to be alone, to go on a retreat, to spend time with yourself, to find the spiritual values which really are Meaningful to you. This alone time, I would say, you'd use in a very productive (the hermit is connected with Virgo) way. 


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