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With the Magician card (another major arcana; major arcana cards are always extremely important) in the past position either you had the ability to manifest (Magician) friends who were true to you as well as helpful OR there were friends, whom you valued very much, who were really funny (could be one, could be more than one) and possibly even be a Gemini or had strong Gemini placements in their astrological chart (and I'm talking about male and female friendships). They could have been friends who knew how to conduct themselves in the world, they had “street smarts”, they were probably really amusing, resourceful, adaptable, knew how to get out of any situation just by talking. In a less positive side of the Magician, maybe there was a friend or two who might have lied to you (and they were so good it took you a while to notice), but, generally, I see this as a very happy and joyful indication of a happy friendship in the past.

The card showing up for the present is the five of swords. In the friendship realm, perhaps you feel your friends aren't fully your friends and there is no longer a joyous happy feeling which was present in the past. Now, maybe, you feel they want to take something from you (it could also be the other way around, possibly they feel you want to take something from them). It does not seem as true affection, as true friendship, it seems more like a 'deal' (not written but kind of understood, 'written between the lines', so to speak). Something like: “I will be your friend if you give me something in return.” It seems more like frenemies rather than true friends. Another interpretation is that you are putting limitations and clearly delineating the boundaries and they don't like it (because they are not true friends), therefore, some are leaving. There's a feeling of 'conquest' and 'defeat' to this particular relationship area and those feelings really do not speak of true friendship. If there is people leaving because you clearly set your boundaries - trust that is a good thing. Friends respect boundaries.

In the future the card that showed up was the ace of wands (also called the ace of rods). You might be forming a new and important friendship within the time period of a year. It will be one filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Maybe you'll be working on a new creative project (and it can be anything, music, making a new movie or something that has nothing to do with these two areas) and, within that project, maybe you meet someone who shares the same type of enthusiasm connected with that particular new enterprise (maybe you like the same type of music or the same type of films or maybe you will be working with this person in a new album - and this is how the friendship is formed). But there's a impression of enthusiasm, of being happy around this person (it could be a man or a woman, but note, I speak of Friendship and not of anything else). This friendship might start rather quickly in a way that even amazes you, and the person could belong to a fire sign (wands represent the element of fire): a Leo, Sagittarius or Aries. You might feel he or she is courageous, brave, and you admire such qualities in her or him; or it could be you feel Inspired, creatively, by this person, that just being around him or her makes you more creative, happier, even bolder. And you might even inspire this person, man or woman, to believe in herself or himself more. The future looks bright in this department of your life.


With the six of wands in the past you felt like you conquered love or love has conquered you. It's a very dramatic feel. It leads me to believe, this card, you are not really the romantic type but someone who prefers open, dramatic, theatrical displays of love and devotion - to make you believe the guy really loves you. If it's too low profile, low key, if might feel to you the guy doesn't really love because he has put (in your perspective) zero effort to display his passion and affection towards you. This card makes me think of Mars in Leo (which, again according to astrodienst, is your natal Mars placement). Bottom line, the man better Show he loves you. He better be Proud of having you by his side. He better feel you are a Catch! When you have this, all is good, you feel loved and cherished. Also it tells me you like guys who are successful (like your husband, Jay-Z, is).

In the present the card that showed up was the King of Swords. This card might represent someone in his late thirties or after the age of forty (which your husband is) and because it's a king I'm going to read it as a male, more precisely, as your spouse. Usually this card depicts someone from an air sign: Aquarius, Gemini or Libra (and your partner has strong planet placements in Libra and Aquarius). It usually indicates someone who is extremely smart, very intelligent and bright, someone able to have the broader perspective of things, someone who can anticipate the future and who can work towards a desired outcome, making dam sure every t is crossed and every i is doted. At the same time this person values more facts than emotion. If emotion gets in the way, it will be of no consequence because business and facts and being objective is of far greater importance. So this tells me that, maybe, in the present, you feel less passion from your spouse (not in the way you had in the past, shown by the six of wands and wands represents the fire element - and fire always symbolizes passion and warmth), as I was saying, you feel less passion from your husband and you are dealing with him more in a business sort of way. I believe he's involved your music business, so maybe all the conversations and all the dealings you both now have are geared more towards the business and less towards the fact you have a loving relationship. Maybe you don't like that, maybe you don't want him as the business partner, maybe you'd prefer to have your husband back. Another way of interpreting the card is that, perhaps, you feel your husband is a bit more cutting with words, even a bit more hostile and aggressive (verbally). I'm not saying that that is happening, OK! It's merely a possibility among many and, in this context, I don't really read it as verbal abuse, I interpret it more as 'cutting with words', but not aggressiveness! Maybe he is less emotional, more business focused, and when you try to bring back the emotional side to your marriage and love life, that's when the not so nice words appear - and maybe they are more hurtful to you than he even realizes. (But, again, I'm just reading the cards! I have no idea how things actually are!)

In the future position the card that came out was the ten of pentacles. This tells me of firmness and soundness, of solidity in the marriage and love life; there's less passion (which cannot be sustained forever in Any marriage) but the gain is true solidity, reliableness, a long lasting marriage and, also, a wealthier one. Your husband might be too focused right now on the business life but the payoff in the future is a lot more wealth for both of you. Also I get a feeling of: “We're not going to be apart. We're together for life.” I think, Mrs. Carter, that is what you desire also: a long lasting, grounded, union. One that lasts thirty, forty, fifty years! “Till death do us part”, I would say, that is what you want. Financial abundance and family security, is what the future will bring is this area of your life.


In the past, the card that came up was the Knight of Cups. It can be read in the artistic way or in the more romantic way. So maybe in the past one of your goals was to get married or, more precisely, having him 'pop the question' (which reminds me of the song “All the Single Ladies”). This card might say that in the past you behaved in a certain way which ensured your now husband would propose and ask you to be his wife. I don't know if that was indeed the case, it's just an interpretation. The other possible meaning as to do with your career. Maybe one of your goals and plans was to pour your heart and soul fully into your creativity, and I'm thinking in writing songs, devoting yourself fully to it so you could present to the world your music - as a gift from the heart to the people, to your public and fans. In the past your music, your songs, came directly from your soul and your heart. So one of your goals was to fully express yourself in that manner, almost in a 'naked' (emotionally speaking) way.

The card which represents the present is the Knight of Wands - another knight, interesting. Your plans and goals seem to be put into action extremely quickly (when you decide what your next goal is) and either with extreme heart poured into it or an immense passion (the knight of wands is a very passionate being, though it might represent a man or a woman - and I usually view it more as a male figure - it can symbolize as well a way of behaving, a way of acting, how a course of action is manifested). So right now you are passionate about a particular goal or about a particular creative and business project and you are following it with exuberance and fire. You are being very impulsive and bold, full of self confidence. The only thing I can think of is related to your music, you have released music in the very recent past and that has the energy of the Knight of Wands written all over it. Passion, passion and boldness, courage and audacity.
In the future the card that came out was the Page of cups.

It might mean you want another child and you'd like to become pregnant in the frame period of a year or it might mean that, artistically, you are ready to try something new and, again, it would be something channeled right trough your heart and soul, the soft and most delicate part of you. Because the page of cups is connected with young children what I thought was: perhaps children songs? Music for children? Maybe you sing to your daughter, you make music just for her, and are now contemplating: “What if I shared this with the rest of the world?” 


This again, to me (at least some of the cards), speaks of work and career.
In the past position you have the six of swords which talks about moving away from troubled waters into a calmer and serene way of living. It's leaving the past behind, leaving your troubles behind, and healing yourself. Because in the area connected to work, in the past position, you had another swords card (the three of swords) which indicated an injured heart, I'm going to read the six of swords (here) as a recognition things were not working in your professional life and you decided to abandon something which was causing you pain. In the area of your life connected with Luck and Yearning, in the past position, you had the eight of cups - another card telling the exact same thing: a need to forsake the past in order to move to a new life, to follow your own path and to focus in the most important thing, in the subjects which really mattered to you. Because of these two cards I'm going to interpret the six of swords more related to your work and career, and the need to leave part of it (or people affiliated with it) behind, because it was really important to you in order to heal yourself. Recognizing when it's time to leave and to cut ties and to move on to something new is a true ability and I think you must have it very well developed.

In the present you got a major arcana card, the Death card. Don't freak out! This is actually a really positive card! It speaks of renovation and transformation and a new life opening up. Either you are about to finish up a personal project or you are about to start something new. I think it's both at the same time - you are finishing up something in order to devote yourself to a new task, something entirely fresh, something perhaps you have not tried before (if it's still music maybe it's a type of music, a different genre, which will be brand-new for you). Before, in the area connected with 'Goals and Plans' in the present position the card that came out was the knight of wands. Connecting that knight with the Death card tells me you finished up a project really quickly, you were enthusiastic about it, yes, but feel that it's Done and it's time to move on to something completely different.

In the future the card that came up was another major arcana card, the Lovers. Maybe within a year you plan to release a new music album full of love songs? It might be romantic and love songs, yes, but unlike the ones you have written before - they will be entirely new to you (maybe the style, maybe the lyrics). I say this because in the area of life related to 'Plans and Goals', in the future position, the card that showed up was the Page of Cups. Cups can be romantic and Pages typically speak of something new, something never tried before. Maybe you'll have a collaboration with a young person, for instance, and both will be working together on a new album (which might be slow, romantic, heartfelt music). I have no idea how it will manifest, though. It could be you are planning to be on a movie, something romantic, for instance - but I would not say 'romantic comedy', maybe more like 'tragic love affair'. If it's a movie, it's a type of film you've never worked before. (Or it could also signify you are trying out other artistic avenues: photography, painting.)  The Lovers card might also speak of something else: a choice. Perhaps you have Too Many personal projects and will have to select between all of them.

And that's it, that's the reading that I have for your, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter (and it's for entertainment purposes only!). I hope, if you ever read it, it proves to be helpful. I have no wish to hurt you or cause you pain in any way! (Please don't sue me!). I'm a fan and I admire and respect you as an artist and I really like your music. If you'd like a private consultation with me, please feel free to send an email to: I'd be delighted to work with you! Best of luck to you and your loved ones.

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