terça-feira, junho 29, 2010

The 5.10.10 Method [1st of July/July 21st]

For the next 21 days we will be doing three things and three things alone:

1) Wake Up at 5 AM (everyday for 21 days, Including Sundays!) *

2) Meditate for 10 minutes

3) And then write 10 pages

*[OR: 6 AM/10/10; 7.10.10; 8.10.10 --> you pick the hour]

However for purposes of identification this will be the 5.10.10 Method.

To sign up just answer this thread, with the hour you will be starting.

Every Five Days let us know how's it going.

Quem se anima? ;)
Vá lá: é mais difícil do que parece, hehehehe.

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