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Esquizofrenia (e não só)

Da Série de Coisas Que Eu Não Sabia


"A magnesium deficiency may result in impaired neurotransmitter functions, which may be part of the pathophysiology of schizophrenia, according to J. Daniel Kanofsky, M.D., MPH, in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 1991. Magnesium-deficient patients may experience depression, agitation, confusion and disorientation, he said.

He went on to say that psychotic behavior, including auditory and visual hallucinations, has been reported in 50 percent of the subjects with low magnesium levels in their blood. In drug-treated schizophrenic patients, he added, magnesium levels have been found to be consistently lower after neuroleptic medications."


"Academic Decline

In 1981 Hamaker wrote, "Along with the rest of the country, Michigan's scholastic achievement scores have been dropping steadily for two decades." The downward spiral continues - and it is linked to nutrient deficiency. It is an established and accepted fact that impaired mental function results from nutrient deficiency. The brain requires a vast array of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids to produce neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that pass messages from cell to cell) and other important brain compounds. Altered brain chemistry can result from deficiency of just a single nutrient, giving rise not only to diminished mental capacity, but also to mental/emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety, depression, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), drug and alcohol addiction, autism and violence.

If impaired mental function results from nutrient deficiency, then improving nutritional intake ought to result in improved mental function. The fact that it does indeed do so was demonstrated in a study described in a reprint entitled: "The Impact of a Low Food Additive and Sucrose Diet on Academic Performance in 803 New York City Schools." In 1980, '81 and '83 major "dietary policy revisions" were made with regard to the use of sucrose, fats and food additives. During the 4 year period in which these food factors were reduced in the diet of the school children, the mean national academic performance of the 803 schools rose from 41 to 51 percentile. This resulted in NYC schools moving from 11% below the national average to 5% above it. A "reduction in malnutrition" was cited by the researchers as the cause of the rise."

"The Bottom Line

This brings us back to John Hamacker's point: Poor soil quality is the bottom-line common variable responsible for widespread physical and mental deterioration. Poor soil quality makes for nutrient deficient crops, which in turn create weak bodies and minds. Diets lacking in nutrients especially trace minerals - lead not only to physical maladies and impaired learning, but also to antisocial behavior and even violence. It's no coincidence that both degenerative disease and crime are escalating, as IQ and nutritional status decline. These things are connected. And at the bottom of the chain is the connecting link of impoverished soil. A Global Problem."

(Astrologicamente, tudo isto me faz pensar em Ceres.)

" This escalating violent crime rate among teenagers is not due primarily to drugs, broken homes or poverty, but rather to malnutrition. These kids typically exhibit pronounced deficiencies of such trace minerals as lithium, chromium and vanadium and are prone to develop a powerful salt or sugar craving. This craving, accompanied by licking and chewing behaviors is known as "pica" and it is brought on by mineral deficiency and corrected only by supplying the deficient minerals: No other class of nutrients can induce or resolve the condition. Satisfying the craving by eating commercial sugar or salt only worsens the situation, for refined sugar and salt leach from the body the minerals necessary to metabolize them and therefore deepen the deficiency. The cravings stem from a mineral deficiency that can only be rectified by providing the needed minerals."

"The Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution to the demineralization problem does not, however, lie in supplementation. It lies in soil remineralization. We must abandon the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that lock up soil minerals and poison both the soils and our bodies. According to a 1993 study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, by age 5, children in this country consume more pesticides than is considered safe for a lifetime. While we're harming ourselves gravely with the use of pesticides, we don't seem to be making much of a dent in the insect population: Over 500 species have now become pesticide-resistant. The answer to the pest problem is to change the terrain of the soil, from one that produces sick, nutrient-deficient plants to one that produces healthy, nutrient-dense ones, for insects only feed off sick plants.

Changing the Terrain

The desired change in terrain is accomplished by restoring minerals to the soil. This can easily and inexpensively be done through the use of rock dust (ground up rock). When chemicals are withheld and rock dust is applied, food is provided for the microorganisms who will resume their job of supplying usable minerals to the plants, who in turn will nourish us."

"After the Dark

Once soil remineralization is accomplished, we can begin to reverse a downward spiral in our civilization. As Hamacker understood, health, behavior, intelligence, even weather patterns and survival - are ultimately determined by the health of our soil, which in turn is dependent upon microorganisms. Health and survival are therefore not about conquering microbes, but nourishing them. What we do to them, we do, in a very real sense, to ourselves.

An escalating crime rate, social unrest, falling IQs - They all relate to the disappearance of soil microorganisms, which in turn results from man's attempts to conquer and control Mother Nature, rather than to honor her and work in harmony with her laws."

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