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Uranus square MC

Uranus square MC: Sudden rebellion

This influence can be either quite disruptive or quite liberating, depending largely upon how you have handled your life prior to this time. It usually indicates a sudden rebellion against restriction and old patterns of behavior that have unnecessarily limited you. The problem is that with this influence many people act compulsively and blindly, without forethought or consideration. If you have toed the mark and lived up to everyone else's expectations for years, during this time you might suddenly kick away the traces. Without any apparent thought for anyone else, you might break away, throwing over all thought of duty or responsibility.

This is admittedly an extreme manifestation of this influence. For you it will probably be milder than this, unless you have consistently denied your own needs and priorities over the last several years. The more you have lived up to others' expectations, the more compulsively you will act under this influence. If you are relatively young at this time, you may have intense disagreements with your parents. Actually, for persons of any age, this influence can cause a sudden disruption through or concerning your parents.

If you are not conscious of any effect, but the hidden tensions are still present in your life, you will experience this influence as disruptions in your work or at home. These will force you to reconsider your chosen life direction and to make changes that will allow you greater freedom of self-expression. At the time you may not think of this process in these terms, but that is what is happening.

If your life has been running smoothly and you have been able to pursue your valid life goals, this influence will not be severely disruptive. Some adjustments will occur, but mainly you will discover sudden new opportunities for increased freedom. You will be able to do what you want more easily and with less resistance from yourself and from others.

Vou ter este trânsito, em Arco Solar, a 23 de Maio de 2012 - ou seja, daqui a dois anos.

A última vez que o tive, foi Urano em trânsito, e deixei a universidade...

Júpiter em Arco Solar estará a 13º Peixes, em trígono com o meu Ascendente natal a 13º Escorpião.

E o mapa progredido?
- Sol progredido a 24º Virgem em trígono com a Lua progredida a 23º Touro.

So I'm thinking Happy Thoughts!

Na altura logo se vê.

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