quarta-feira, outubro 20, 2010

What Your Customer Service Agent Wants You To Know



As partes de que eu especialmente gostei:

"I am not paid enough for you to scream at me and blame me for your problem. I did go to college for psychology, but I never finished, this means that I am not licensed to listen to your depressing life story. Perhaps I can send you a bill?"

"The hold button has two distinct reasons for existing, and thank the good inventor who came up with this ingenious little red button on my phone.

Reason #1 is simple. I need to research something and I need to gather all my information before I can confidently and correctly relay the information to you.

However, there is Reason #2 which is a little less simple. If you are put on hold in the middle of your sob story and you're ranting, it is likely because I can't think and I need you to cool off."

"#10 And You Want To Speak To My Supervisor

By all means, by the end of this, I am more than happy to give you a supervisor. Please keep in mind that you will be put on hold, against your will. Likely the supervisor is busy with another customer just like you and you will have to wait.

Listen to the beautiful, relaxing hold music and wait your turn. If by chance you are still on the line when your turn comes around, you will be speaking with a supervisor. TaDa!

And they will tell you the same thing I did.

Have a nice day, Mr./Mrs. Customer. We appreciate your business. [Ou, como eu dizia, Dispoooonha seeeeempre!]"

Quando é que eu vou ser rica para deixar os telefones e os auscultadores?

Quando, Deus, quando?
A um mês da reforma, né...?

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