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(DEAN KOONTZ Answers Your Questions)

"I don't do a written draft. I work only on the computer and I do one page at a time. I work on a page 20, 30, 40 drafts, whatever it takes, before I move on to the next page. That way I feel that I've done as much as I can on that page and have left nothing to correct later. So that when I get a draft done, it has had so much reworking during the course of it that I don't need to go back and revisit things. I do this because I operate with a lot of self doubt and my way of handling the self doubt is to rework a page until I've got it as smooth as I can get it and then to move on."
(Tenho de experimentar este método um dia.)

"I don't use outlines at all. I stopped using outlines with a book called Strangers many years ago. Interestingly, that was my first hard cover best seller. I operate only with a hook, an idea, a premise. Call it what you will. And from that point, the story begins and I don't have much of an idea of where it is going. Crucial to me isn't the plot. Crucial to me are the characters and if the characters interest me in the first couple of chapters, then the plot is going to take care of itself because the characters will drive it places I never saw it coming."

"And in truth, when you give yourself over to whatever talent you have, and you let it work, and you give your characters free will, it does become as if they are independent people from you. Something magical occurs and you are along for the ride."

"So I just trust them. I trust the characters and that's where the plot comes from."

(Parte II):


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