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Astrologia Dracónica

Que estou a acahar cada vez mais interessantíssima.

Soul Mates and Blood Links
by Pamela Rowe, LPMAFA, FMFAA

How many times as astrologers, have we counselled clients reliving similar disastrous relationships to those experienced in their formative years -- settling for familiarity, rather than initiating a reprogramming experience? Positive and negative astrological links shared with relatives are projected into adult relationships in a repetitious manner. This same theme of familiarity can apply to happy, productive relationships. Is fate after all, stronger than free will?

When the likely astrological links between two people are not found in the natal, progressed or directed charts, we look further afield. The Draconic chart provides pivotal information regarding the soul's purpose. The Draconic chart in relation to parent and child and between siblings, has been a source of fascination to me for years. Members of the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology Research Group have also researched the Draconic chart as a key topic. We have concluded that the Draconic chart can be categorised as karmic, spiritual and unconscious, with possible connections to reincarnation. It pinpoints those we draw close to us in our lifetimes, to resolve unconscious issues , which in turn connects to our state of physical and emotional health. It speaks less of free will than the basic natal chart.

Through our Draconic chart we can discover how others are acutely, albeit subconsciously, aware of our soul's purpose and act accordingly -- opening life's doors and sometimes slamming them in our face. It traces where we came from (test it with parents and grandparent's charts) and where we are going (compare it with the charts of your children and soul mates). Links will be found by comparing Natal and Draconic charts, plus Draconic and Draconic. Draconic charts are also quite sensitve to transits, so compare the Draconic chart with transits of important events.

The Draconic chart highlights the importance of the 0-degrees Aries point. The distance between the natal Northern Moon Nodes or Dragon's Head and 0-degrees Aries is the adjustment increment used to convert the natal chart to its Draconic counterpart. The natal North Moon Node (ascending node) becomes 0-degrees Aries of the Draconic chart, or 'draconic equinox' and other planets and points are adjusted accordingly. English astrologer Pamela Crane is well known for her work on Draconic astrology. Pamela uses the True Moon Nodes in preference to the Mean Moon Nodes in her calculations. The difference in the resultant Draconic charts is small, but enough for me to continue to research both. In some cases the Draconic Mean Moon Node chart produces tighter, more relevant aspects.

The Draconic chart may have been overlooked because natal house placements and planetary aspects remain unaltered -- however, the zodiacal degrees can be strikingly different.

The Northern Moon Nodes in the charts of relatives and soul mates is as potentially variable as its distance from 0-degrees Aries. When adjustments are made for the Draconic chart you may be surprised at the new zodiacal links which did not exist in the natal charts -- new clues as to life's learning curve through these important people. In the case of those born with the Northern Moon Nodes at 0-degrees Aries, the natal chart is also the Draconic chart -- suggesting a person directly in touch with their soul's purpose. I would be most interested in the spiritual journey of any reader who has the Northern Moon Nodes at 0-degrees Aries.

Solar Fire and Winstar Plus software provide ready calculation of the Draconic chart. For those without this facility, the simplest and most accurate method is to convert all natal cusps and planets into their absolute zodiac positions (0-Aries=0°, 0 Taurus=30°, etc) and add the increment (distance between the natal true moon nodes and 0-degrees Aries) to each position. If answer over 360°, deduct 360

There are many more draconic links in this family tree. These few mainly involve the personal points of Natal and Draconic Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun and Moon.

The natal Ascendant describes how others perceive us in a physical sense, the silent message we project through our physical image. THE DRACONIC ASCENDANT is our intuitive identity, certain hereditary factors and the unique qualities we pass on through reproduction and spiritual teaching. For further information consider the decanate of the Draconic Ascendant (eg 28°26' Libra on the Draconic Ascendant is in its 3rd decan, incorporating a Gemini/Mercury influence to the Libran energies).

The natal Midheaven depicts our ego expression, career, worldy status, parent figures and mentors. The Draconic Midheaven speaks more of super-consciousness, the soul's divine quest, vocation as distinct from occupation.

Astrologers already familiar with house meanings, aspects and primarily the interpretation of their own natal chart, will liken the experience of interpreting their Draconic chart to that of bumping into an old friend. This is probably due to the emergence in the Draconic chart of astrological degrees synonymous with old friends, foes and soul mates.

The Draconic and Natal combinations of popular British Royal family members is a virtual goldmine of information. The charts used are Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Henry. Synastry buffs will discover many more links than I have space to mention. Once again the personal points of Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven provide pivotal information on hereditary and karmic history."

"Even by sticking to basics and comparing the zodiacal degrees between the draconic/draconic and draconic/natal charts of different individuals, the remarkable links formed for respective life journeys cannot be overlooked. Because our spiritual development requires us to meet the challenge of relationships rather than evade them, the Draconic chart provides new information as to who we are likely to attract in order to make the progress we spiritually crave.

©Pamela Rowe
January 2001.
(Published in the FAA Journal March 2001)"

Link: http://www.linda-goodman.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/013104.html

"His research found that when comparing the nativities of family members, there were exact conjunctions between the Tropical Zodiac planets in one chart with the Draconic Zodiac positions in the second chart. The premise here is that an ongoing soul contract exists between parents, children and siblings who reincarnate into the same family system from lifetime to lifetime. This Zodiac is lunar based, thus relating to the karma of ancestral blood lines." (link)

Há conjunções e ligações entre o meu mapa e os mapas dos meus pais, por exemplo (natais e darcónicos). É muito interessante. A minha mãe tem o Sol natal em Virgem, mas no mapa dracónico está a 15º Leão! Ora o meu Sol natal está a 16º Leão...

"Because the Draconic, Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac calculations only change the signs and degrees of the Sun, Moon and planets in any given chart, while the horoscopic gestalt, or pattern, remains identical, how can the astrologer describe to the client the differences between his or her various nativities? In some cases, for example, this could be accomplished by the astrologer explaining to a client how her Tropical Venus in Scorpio would produce painful losses in relationship that are evolving her personality and character; while at the same time her Sidereal Venus in Libra shows that on a soul level, she has a deep, innate understanding of how her karma is being balanced by going through these relational endings during the current lifetime."

"And from Sepharial’s translation of La Volasfera for this 13th degree of Capricorn, we find further evidence of the Dalai-Lama’s Christ Consciousness: A tripod with flames of fire issuing from a brazier (a metal container that holds burning coals or charcoal).

“This is the index of a nature that is aspiring and active, disposed to lead a life of adventure and hazard, but honourable in the pursuit of lofty ambitions. He may become attached to the military service, or in some other form will be a representative of the fiery and devouring element. He has a restless and aspiring nature, such as will impel to action upon a wide scale. He will travel and explore, lighting up dark places and devastating ancient sites in the quest of new food for the mind. Chastity and purity of life will mark him as of singular temperament, and his efforts will thereby become concentrated and highly successful. Alive to all the higher ambitions of this world, he will nevertheless be zealous in the conquest of worlds that are beyond normal ken. He may be an ambassador, consul, spiritual researcher, or explorer. It is a degree of ASPIRATION.”"

(© 2005 Robert P. Blaschke)

Interessante porque, no meu mapa dracónico, eu tenho o Urano a 12º Capricórnio...

Bom, fico por aqui.

/Dunya out

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Hector Othon disse...

Do you know the origin of the name "Draconic Astrology"?

Hector Othon

Dunyazade disse...


I think it has to do with the Dragon's Head, aka, North Node.
(Dragon = Draco.)
The Draconic Chart is made by making the North Node always be on 0º Aries - so all the signs of the planets change (but not the house positions nor the aspects). The exception is if you were already born with your North Node on 0º Aries - therefore, there would be no change from one chart to the other.