quinta-feira, outubro 13, 2011

Sol na casa 9 (Astrologia)

Sun in the 9th house: You enjoy reading more than anything else. Many 9th house sun do spend their life in another country from their birth country, but many more spend their life in the search for philosophical meaning, for a taste in their life. You could be a good teacher of whatever talent you posses, some of you will be in the academia, in law, or in a publishing house since those come naturally to you. In many cases you will choose to work less to, earn less, but have more free time for yourself and your vocations. Many of you value the simple things in life, and can get by on less income, with more hope and fun.

The soul is in a process of expansion. It is not interested in survival, in personal relationships, and in material positions any more. The interest lies in finding a broader sense of home, of culture, and transcendence.

Link: http://astrologywork.com/9th-house-horoscope/

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