terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2012

The Ox - during the Dragon year

The Ox

Although this may not be an easy time for the Ox, by adapting, making the most of existing and changing situations, and giving every opportunity his best shot he will be able to make useful headway and turn 2012 into an auspicious year of good fortune. This will be a challenging year on the work front, bringing many changes and unforeseen troubles that could ultimately lead to greater advances and success. Getting from points A to B in this process may cause the Ox some unease, however, as it is necessary for him to be mentally prepared to pack and take off for new unchartered territory. He feels all alone in this unsettled state of mind and emotionally bereft. This sense of solitude and alienation is exacerbated by additional worries concerning the welfare of elderly family members. As he has enough on his own plate to handle, he should not heap additional stress upon himself by allowing others to draw him into their problems and dramas. The Ox needs to make the most of situations heading his way and in doing so will find ways to turn circumstances to his advantage. He should take action and not allow himself to be put off; this tenaciousness ultimately will be rewarded. The Ox is at a careless angle to the Tai Sui this year. This affliction will result in his life going haywire and behaving in a disorderly manner. Although it is the lightest affliction, it can by no means be ignored or else it will intensify the negative aspects all out of proportion. Then the slightest mistake can bring financial losses. This could translate into a minor carelessness triggering speeding tickets, fines for drunk driving, investigations by the authorities for wrongdoings, etc. Therefore, the Ox must exercise tactfulness, act with caution at all times, and above all stay positive. Taking up a course will help alleviate his anxiety. What the Ox accomplishes, learns and gains in experience in the Dragon year will prepare the way for the more substantial progress he is soon to make. Reassured by the pomp and ceremony, the Ox may think the good times have come back. Unfortunately, it's only an illusion -- so he'd better get down to business! Despite the year's pressures and challenges, the Ox will be greatly encouraged by the supportive attitude of those around him and appreciate the meaningful times spent with family, friends, and influential people who will come to his aid. As long as he keeps his eyes on his goals and concentrates on his objectives, the Ox's plans will be realized and this year will be a bountiful one full of abundant good news and undreamt of success.

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