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David Bowie Draco Chart (Plus Natal and Solar Arcs)

Natal Moon rules the 6th house - health issues; Saturn rules the 12th house (the house of self-undoing, but also sacrifice and also relates do death); 4th house is ruled by Mercury in Capricorn (what type of Cancer he had? Any thing to do with lungs? Just checked online, apparently it was liver cancer, that relates more to Sagittarius -his Venus and natal MC - and Jupiter); 8th house, the house of death, ruled by Venus, which is in Sagittarius, near MC (his death is a big thing, a worldwide news).

But, still, the natal chart, made little sense to me in terms of explaining his death (I mean, relating to Time, you know).
I think the birth time might not be correct (it's probably not 9 a.m. on the dot, it's 9... something).

I checked his draconic chart - SEE ABOVE -(I love draconic charts, they are called the "Soul's Chart") and, in terms of timing, seems to explain So Much More. Even the illness (if indeed it was liver cancer). 

Draco chart's Rising Sign: 21º59' Scorpio - conjunct Natal Jupiter at 21º37' Scorpio, located in the 9th house (the natural house of Jupiter and Sagittarius). Kind of explains liver cancer to mer, as part of his Soul's plan to exit. Transiting Jupiter and North Node in virgo (23º Virgo) conjunct his Draco MC at 22º36' Virgo (along with Draco Venus at 20º Virgo). 

Draco Venus rules his 12th house (12th house, along with the 4th and 8th) relates to death and health matters. His Draco Jupiter rules the 1st Draco house (intercepted - Sagittarius is intercepted) And it also rules the 4th Draco house (End of Life) because it is in Pisces. Pisces is the old ruler of Jupiter. I see multiple indications of Jupiter, in his Draco chart, as a (possible) death marker.  

(I love astrology.)

Another thing: Draco Neptune is at 29º Cancer in the 8th house: - last sacrifice? His last death? His last sacrifice for the masses? (Natal Neptune in Libra is conjunct the 11th Draco house). AND: Draco Neptune falls on his natal 6th (health issues). To those who are interested: His natal Sun/Mars in Capricorn changes to Scorpio (in his Draco chart). He has/had a soul of a Scorpio :) My Draco Sun is also a Scorpio and in many ways I believe it fits me better than my Leo Sun.  

There's more to say but I think it's enough.

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