sábado, maio 09, 2009

Evolução Espiritual

Gostei muito desta visão:

Perhaps interesting would be Dane Rudhyar's view of Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation, if I can summarize it correctly. He suggests that the idea that we have past lives is actually a spiritual illusion, coming from the misconception of the "self" as an independent entity. What he describes rather that when one dies, one leaves behind the karma of "accretions", unredeemed deeds, errors, that are a building up of matter and memory, and that the part of you that is not that excess rejoins the source. These accretions are then reanimated by another "soul", who has come to work that specific karma off, so to speak. If during a lifetime that soul comes to identify itself with that karma, then it will sense that it has "lived", perhaps many times, before; but this is an illusion. And when that soul "dies", passing out of that egoic "body", it too will leave behind a karma, a residue to be worked out, only to be animated by another soul. What this suggests is that we are working out the karma left behind by another soul, in fact a chain of souls, and that we are leaving behind accumulations for another to repair. Comforting in this thought is that you were chosen, or choose to enter this karmic body specific to your capacity to deal with those particular consequences. That burden is your dharma. In the end the process is an entire redeeming of matter, spiritualizing it, which soul after soul participates in. Just something to consider.



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