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Quíron: uma série de trânsitos

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Chiron opposition Ascendant

Personal relationships will take on particular significance under this influence. People you haven't seen for some time may, directly or indirectly, remind you of shared experiences. Although these memories might be painful, they give you the opportunity to realize that any deep or emotional relationship was in fact a gift. We often only come to this realization many years later, because our most healing experiences often occur within relationships to people we might wish we had never met.
You may feel that the time is now ripe to end some of your long- standing partnerships and friendships. By keeping relationships alive which only continue to survive in your imagination you could prevent yourself from having new relationships and experiences which more accurately reflect your present state of inner maturity. How we relate to others can teach us a great deal about how we relate to ourselves. Entering into private or professional partnerships which end up hurting you is an unmistakable sign that you do not really value yourself, and probably believe that you don't deserve any better. You should now try to uncover the deeper lying causes behind such self-denial. Experiences in childhood or early adolescence probably left you feeling ashamed and inferior, and such feelings continue to affect the pattern of your present relationships. Only when you can love and value the person you are today will you attract people who can truly help you with your future development.

Chiron Trine Ascendant

Act quickly ***
This influence can help you to reconcile your personal needs with those of others. If you now have the courage and single-mindedness to stick up for your own interests you can expect support from others. Having experienced that acting in your own interests does not have to mean being inconsiderate or reckless will help you greatly in the future. You won't encounter any resistance or rivalry if you stand up for things which correspond to your inner nature.
You may now have to deal with past events which undermined your self-confidence, leaving you feeling weak and inadequate. Such experiences can be extremely painful. In order to avoid similar rejections in the future many people withdraw into themselves, being prepared to go to great lengths to conceal their true feelings. Although this might help them to avoid further pain, it also prevents them from fulfilling their dreams, and decreases their vitality. You might now receive an offer at work or in your personal life which is both tempting and challenging, but also a certain amount of apprehension and trepidation. Do not hesitate! Do not miss this opportunity to finally do something that you have only dreamed of doing up until now. This could be revitalizing, helping you to place more trust in your own instincts. These will take you to the right places at the right times, helping you to express your true self, while enabling you to use your abilities in a way which is beneficial to others.

Chiron trine Moon

Don't panic! ***
This influence allows you to gain new insights into your feelings, hopes and desires. You will, however, need to keep an open mind and be willing to learn, because this influence does not really compel you in any way. It might be more a case of allowing something to happen than achieving it through your own efforts.
This influence is exclusively concerned with those feelings and desires which shame or embarrass you, or those which are somehow painful or a burden. You are now more able to recognize such feelings, both within yourself and in others. How you react to others will mainly depend on how you relate to yourself. You might find it easier to accept such feelings in others than in yourself, particularly if someone you trust confronts you with painful aspects of yourself. If this happens do not attempt to play the understanding advisor or therapist. You will best be able to help by revealing something about yourself. If you can do this, the other person could help you to gain a deeper understanding of your own inner pain.

In any case you should now find it much easier to recognize your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. A discussion with your mother, or someone with whom you have a similar relationship, could help you to find new ways of overcoming old emotional pain or sensitivity.

Chiron trine Neptune

Home movies ***
Under this very positive influence you may sometimes be overcome by feelings of bliss, love and security. You may feel closely connected to the beauty of nature, or a divine principle whose presence you see in everything and everyone. Your fantasy life is likely to be very active, with the flood of images coming from your unconscious making you feel as if you were sitting in your own home cinema. This optimistic time will help you to see past events that were the cause of much silent suffering in a more conciliatory light. These might include feelings of weakness or inadequacy, or fears of being unable to cope with the harshness of everday reality, causing you to seek refuge by distracting yourself through television, or turning to alcohol or food for comfort. You are now more able to recognize that your attempts to escape reality originate from a time when you felt that you had to protect yourself. This may have been caused by others trying to persuade you that you were either incapable or too young to understand the world around you.
This is a particularly good time to seek reconciliation with those who disappointed or let you down in some way. Your heightened intuition gives you the strength and ability to see behind the scenes, which will help you to recognize that many things which you originally found hurtful and embarrassing have in fact enabled you to grow and mature. According to an old proverb, it is only in times of despair that the pupil seeks the teacher. This illustrates that suffering and disappointment are not only indispensable for spiritual and psychological development, but in the end also have healing properties.

Mercury trine Chiron

Deeper understanding
This quality of time will help you to develop a deeper understanding of those psychological areas that are connected with the experience of pain, suffering and rejection. This influence is especially well suited to so deepening the understanding of these interrelations that the first inklings of how to carry out a healing can be perceived. During this phase it is important to talk to other people who are interested in this theme. This time is well suited to penetrating the complicated connections and dependencies between human behavior, the psyche and early injuries - to differentiate between cause and effect -, whether for yourself or for someone who has confided in you.

Chiron sextile Venus
Incident ***
This influence indicates no particular event, but rather a small, hardly noticeable incident that one could so easily overlook or cover up that in many cases it is not really consciously acknowledged and therefore remains unrecognized. Such an incident is to be expected while window shopping, at the cinema or theater, enjoying the nightlife or otherwise amused. Friends, acquaintances, or perhaps your partner are possibly with you. Through a careless remark, a slight clumsiness, or a wrong word without bad intent, you suddenly find yourself in an embarrassing situation, feel yourself hurt or belittled. Characteristically, only you are affected, as a particular sensitivity was disturbed - therefore the others will probably not have noticed anything.
If you react in an injured manner, demand apologies or become aggressive, this will probably only cause further, unnecessary pain for you. As you have already often experienced similar situations before, and are presumably aware of the fact that this incident was completely unintended, you will keep yourself under control, keep quiet about the affair and not let it show. It is probably better this way - why spoil everyone's fun just at this moment? Nevertheless, you should not just leave things at that and should later, at the right moment, talk it over with your partner or someone else close to you. You should at the very least find a quiet moment to think over the incident, as it points to a particular oversensitivity and could, under other circumstances, lead to a complete overreaction. The more you find out about this personal sensitivity the easier it will be to accept it. Then you could go one step further and explain this singularity to your friends or partner, so that they know what to watch out for.

Saturn sextile Chiron
A late harvest ***
During this time old structures will become less important. You are now able to assess your strengths and weaknesses more realistically. Although you will continue to accept certain restrictions in your life and to uphold some of the more pleasant traditions and customs, a feeling of inner certainty will enable you to reconsider whether some of these things cause you to make unnecessary sacrifices. You will be less willing than otherwise to identify yourself with principles which seemed sacrosanct up until now. This might cause you to question some of your important relationships and those you considered to be figures of authority. Your urge to overcome existing limitations and to follow your own aims and needs will make you seek out new relationships and go down unusual paths.
You now have a great opportunity to find inner stability and to gain new insights and skills - especially in areas concerned with the physical and mental consequences of long-standing pain and trauma. You will become more interested in the more unconventional or "exotic" areas of medicine, naturopathy and psychology. If you are already interested in such topics, or if your work is somehow concerned with them, this will be a time of great progress. You now realize that any apparent detours you might have made were in fact meaningful and helpful, and you will now be in a position to harvest the fruits of effort that once seemed to be in vain.

Chiron square Pluto

Ending self-torture ***
For the majority of people this is a critical and exhausting influence, especially if they have avoided dealing with any long-standing problems with friends, loved ones, family or colleagues at work. Refusing to deal with such issues will inevitably lead to recurring fits of rage, power games or feelings of shame or helplessness. This will result in a decrease in energy and vitality, which merely prolongs the situation. These problems are far more likely to be caused by deep-lying psychological pain having its origin in childhood or adolescence than by the present circumstances. To overcome this you need to free yourself from the associated feelings of shame and guilt, in order to find a creative solution which such feelings have stood in the way of.
A tendency to keep destructive relationships going despite sensing that they are stopping you from fulfilling your potential is a sign that you are having difficulty letting go of any feelings of rejection and embarrassment you suffered in childhood. You probably have a painful lack of self-love and respect that is preventing you from finding the courage to end this state of self- torture.

The challenges and difficulties this influence brings will subtly force you to be more courageous and truthful, particularly when you feel vulnerable. Rather than relying on power and strength when dealing with others you should stay clear of all manipulative behavior. Confiding in someone you trust or withdrawing to meditate can help to create an environment in which you feel able to be totally authentic.

Chiron square Jupiter

A crisis of faith ***
This difficult time will test your spiritual or religious convictions. Even so, this influence is basically positive, because it will make you aware of any inconsistencies in your world view. It can also help you to see the detrimental effect on your personal well-being caused by relying too much on ideals, which will allow you to achieve a healthy degree of independence. You therefore now have a chance to either revive or rediscover your spiritual or philosophical freedom.
This influence could indicate an ongoing crisis of faith in which your highest ideals are called into question. You may come to realize that your motivations were not as altruistic as you would have liked to believe; you might also come to the conclusion that your ideals have been an attempt to compensate for, or cover up, any personal weaknesses. You might realize that you have been chasing after false prophets which have led you far from your own individual path.

It is as if you have been using your noble ideals to suppress the animalistic, physical side of your nature. These will now make their presence felt, demanding to be taken seriously. This will force you to change or expand your philosophical outlook, which in turn could cause you to make radical changes in your life. Whatever happens, this influence gives you an opportunity to examine whether your world view is compatible with all influences of your nature.

Chiron square Uranus

Small explosions ***
For the majority of people this can be an extremely unpleasant influence, because it can - fairly ruthlessly - remind us of long-forgotten and painful events. It can make us conscious of psychological scars we thought had healed long ago, or at least help us to come to terms with them. This usually occurs without warning. An unforseen event, an unexpected contact with a past acquaintance or some thoughtless comment during an argument with a partner or colleague at work - one can suddenly feel hurt or exposed, causing violent reactions which others find difficult to understand. At times like these it is important to understand and simply accept that all of our past experiences, whether joyful or sad, continue to accompany us throughout our lives and considerably affect the way we feel today. Problems are only able to trigger feelings of insecurity, shame, envy or revenge if we deny that they are part of us. Being overcome by such feelings in the most awkward situations forces us to recognize and consciously integrate them as natural parts of our psyche. Only then will we be able to develop a loving acceptance of ourselves with all our failings and inadequacies.
Profound changes and even healing experiences are now possible, although these might be unsettling and hectic. If you can stay calm and allow things to happen without putting up too much resistance you will feel a noticeable sense of relief. This is because just about everything now happening can help to increase your inner integrity, thus making you less prone to future crises.

Uranus conjunction Chiron
A bolt from the blue ***
Your nerves are probably rather strained at the moment, simply because you feel unable to digest your experiences as quickly as they are happening. Being aware of this will help you to treat others with more consideration, and not to allow your own inner discontent to disturb them. If you can share your innermost feelings with your partner you will be more able to use this time constructively. You are probably not as alone as you sometimes believe. Everyone, including the members of your family, work colleagues and friends have to cope with losing ideals and changing values. Consciously being able to let go of deeply personal and painful old wounds - whether by turning to some form of therapy or experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening - will create space for a new sense of responsibility towards humanity as a whole. Only then can we broaden our horizons enough to see what is wrong with the world. The fight for personal freedom is always closely related to the conditions of the society in which we live.
It is therefore now important that you use your creative potential to serve the wider community. You could either join a group or project which is particularly concerned with human rights, society's outcasts or the environment. You could even help others by telling them of your own personal healing experiences. How you help is not important, what is, is that you are able to see your own life within a wider context, so that your ideals and convictions can play a more central role.

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