terça-feira, agosto 30, 2011

Jupiter Natal Retrograde

link: http://www.patrickarundell.com/Astrology/Retrograde-Planets/Jupiter/

Those who are born with a retrograde Jupiter may appear to others not to have accomplished much during their life, perhaps not possessing the outward signs of wealth that others have. However, this has much to do with the fact that individuals with Jupiter retrograde at birth are less interested in attaining such symbols. Their value system being more attuned to immeasurable achievements and it is for this reason that often it is said, Jupiter retrograde individuals struggle to attain the resources necessary for everyday existence. They may favour occupations or pursuits far from being lucrative, gaining rewards spiritually or philosophically instead.

However, by choosing such avenues these individuals are working positively through this Jupiter lesson. For those born with Jupiter retrograde are thought not to have ventured much in a past-life, content to remain as they were, not stretching their capabilities or using talents. Therefore, this life is concerned with expansion, enabling individual’s with this placement to travel widely and open their mind up to diverse cultural experiences. However, they must do this without completely abandoning restrictions and becoming reckless and overindulgent.

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