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Um lindo poema sobre os efeitos de Plutão em trânsito

"The Dance of Pluto"
by Tina Thompson

We think our life has purpose, we think we're having fun,
and then along comes Pluto, making aspect to our Sun.
We ask. Does my life have meaning? What is it all about?
Why have I lost my spirit? Why has my light gone out?
What is it I'm running from, trying to avoid?
What is it that's making me, become so paranoid?
Then a new day dawning, we see his plan divine,
and find that he has given us, a bright new way to shine.
When Pluto meets our tender Moon, he can rape our soul,
but his only true intention, is to make of us more whole,
we can clear the decks now, throw out those old possessions,
whilst on another level, we are clearing old obsessions,
he cleanses our emotions, oft with pain and tears,
we may relive old suffering, trapped inside for years.
Then he brings us new life, one that's more revealing,
of the depth of our compassion, and the wonder of our feeling.
When Pluto plunders Mercury, there is no denying,
our thoughts can be most serious, and with the dead or dying,
our perception deepens, the shadows larger loom,
we are seeking in the darkness, meeting doom and gloom,
but Hermes was the messenger, the only god allowed,
to freely visit Hades realms, and to escape uncowed.
A visit to the underworld, is sure to change our view,
how differently we can perceive, that which we thought we knew.
When Pluto ravishes Venus, he might break our heart,
for what passes then between us, can tear our love apart,
Hades is so powerful, we can resist with all our might,
but if he so decrees it, we will fall in love on sight.
His helmet of invisibility, might not seem so funny,
if we check our bank account, and find we have no money.
When his rumbling's over, cash and friends are rearranged,
we realise what happened, was because our values changed.
Pluto marching up to Mars. can herald the arrival,
of some explosive anger, or a threat to our survival,
the inferno which is raging, can set our Mars on fire,
our passions are ignited, we are burning with desire,
or we are small and helpless, devoid of strength and will,
impotent and powerless, to trust in being still.
Pluto when he's testing us, might go to any length,
to bring about the best in us, he will try our strength.
When Pluto jousts with Jupiter, he doesn't come to rape,
he stirs our lust for freedom, our confines to escape,
we broaden our horizons, we are pulled towards expansion,
the singular world we live in, becomes one of many mansions.
The ground may shake beneath the thunder bolting in the sky,
possessed to look for meaning, we pray to Zeus on high,
and if we're praying selflessly, with faith and trust and ruth,
our prayers may then be answered, with wisdom, wit and truth.
When Pluto seeks out Saturn, we can find and meet resistance,
the fears and chains which bind us, will not break without persistence,
and while we are restructuring, our foundations underneath,
we can manifest the symptoms, in skin, or bones, or teeth.
Wise old father time above, may feel more like the Grim Reaper,
when he joins himself with Hades, our underworld lord and keeper,
and just when we are thinking, that we can't hold out much longer,
we see that he is leaving us, older, wiser, stronger.
When Pluto sparks with Uranus, life can become surprising,
and where we have repression, we experience uprising,
a new truth is discovered, not to be disputed,
and we have the impetus, for it to be transmuted,
our sense of time's distorted, the days go flying fast,
and we will not be thwarted, to break free from the past,
at best we're not resisting, our need of transformation,
with the gods above insisting, on some breed of liberation.
Pluto nudging Neptune, brings storms and turbulence at sea,
to feel as if we're drowning, is a frequent place to be,
our visions are confronted, our dreams may disappear,
we are lost in the confusion, we wish the fog would clear,
or Hades helps to bring about, a dream we've long held dear,
our depth of spirituality, can help to draw it near.
Immersed within the infinite, with a timeless sense of fusion,
we sense that life is just a dream, beyond the earth's illusion.
When Pluto pounces on himself, in aspect to his natal placement,
the earth may gape wide open, to reveal what's in the basement,
we're given right of passage, to birth out from the womb,
which otherwise would stunt our growth, and then become our tomb.
We might feel with certainty, this is our darkest hour,
but Hades is beside us, and gives to us his power,
so we journey back to life, from underworld descent,
and the springtime which awaits us, can seem truly heaven sent.
When Pluto comes to Chiron, there's an arrow in the sky,
winging straight towards us, to stick us in the thigh,
our wounds come to the surface, not to be ignored,
the only way to heal them, is if they are explored,
and if we wounded others, from the half of us that's horse,
we may now apologise, with true sorrow and remorse.
Perhaps we do not want to see, what this aspect is revealing,
yet it can change our destiny, and it can bring us healing.
When Pluto Contacts Ceres, we may not intend to smother,
we can feel this inclination, because Ceres is Earth Mother,
a parent who was furious, and sought to bring destruction,
infertility on earth was spawned, from Persephone's abduction,
Demeter's grief and depression, can be engaged and reconciled,
but we must see why we're enraged, to heal our inner child.
Our diet can change and alter now, and so too can our health,
we can sow our seed creatively, and reap abundant wealth.
When Pluto points to Pallas, we're not so meek and mild,
we are with the Warrior Queen, Jupiter's favourite child,
born of his head cleaved by an axe, in brilliant armour of gold,
her tact, strategy and wise counsel, we can now uphold.
Our thoughts are sharp and civilised, profounder is our vision,
we are more cultured and refined, more abled by decision.
If we now find the courage, to face justly what we fear,
Athene comes to protect us, with her shield and spear.
When Pluto visits Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame,
with focus and commitment, we may venerate her name,
and if we feel a burning, like hell's fire infernal,
we need to seek in solitude, for that inner flame eternal,
we can find security, in service and devotion,
and develop inner purity, to centre our emotion.
We can suffer all life gladly, no matter what it's sin,
whilst we're firmly centred, on our hearts flame within.
When Pluto joins with Juno, Jupiter's sister, lover and wife,
through relationship and marriage, is where we find new life,
we can fret and fear betrayal, whilst friends and partners are away,
and our issues around fidelity, can all come out play.
Just like Hera who gave birth, without Zeus on her own,
we may find it's time now, to stand in solitude alone,
or we might feel we're touched by, the gentle hand of fate,
and meet that special person, who becomes our lifelong mate.
Pluto approaches slowly, through underground caves and ditches,
if we embrace his transformation, he may bring to us his riches,
wherever Pluto's active, there may be a death,
but there's always resurrection, to draw a new life breath.
There is a time for every season, underneath the sun,
when Pluto comes to claim us, a new season is begun.
Tiny seeds are often sprouted, deep within the earth,
only when they grow and bloom, do we appreciate their worth.

©2001Tina Thompson

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