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Novamente os aspectos menores

The quintile (abrv. QNt or Qui) is an angle of 72°, i.e. the angle for a regular pentagon. A separation of 72±2° is considered a quintile. This aspect is considered somewhat similar to a semisextile (moderately beneficial), but effort is not needed to reap its benefits. Indicates talent and vaguely fortunate circumstances.

The biquintile (abrv. BQt or BQn) is an angle of 144° (a quintile [72°] x 2 = 144°). A separation of 144±2° is considered a biquintile. This is considered similar to a quintile.

The sesquiquadrate (abrv. Ses) is an angle of 135° (a square [90°] + a semisquare [45°]). A separation of 135±2° is considered a sesquiquadrate; it indicates somewhat stressful conditions. it is considered similar in influence to the semisquare. The sesquiquadrate is sometimes called a sesquisquare, square-and-a-half, quartile-and-a-half, and/or trioctile.

Fonte: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biquintile#Quintile

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