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The Astrology of Michael Jackson's Death

His chart here.

[Aqui vai a minha primeira tentativa em inglês...]

I cannot believe this: MJ and I both share the same rising sign (Scorpio) Degree: 13!!!
But... it's "rotten data" so it's probably not the right one anyway... (But! His Venus is on my 16º Leo Sun :p)

Ok. Let's look at the chart: the first thing I thought when I heard he died at 50 was "Chiron transit". And he has one, yes, but it's past his natal Chiron (19º Aquarius). However:
- Chiron is exactly opposed natal Mercury at 25º Leo (the news say he died of a cardiac - Leo/heart - arrest).
[Also Jupiter and Neptune are joining Chiron in the opposition of natal Mercury...]

Natal Mercury sextile natal NN - famous passing.
Natal NN is also quincunx natal Mars: I wonder if he was pushing himself too much (doing too much exercise) and if that ultimately lead to his death. Transiting Mars was close to his natal Mars - again a theme of physical excess... and perhaps too much confidence.
Transiting Mercury sextile natal Uranus: shocking news about his demise.

Plus: Venus/Chiron midpoint at 18º Taurus - being hit by transiting Mars/Venus - issues of self-worth and money (Venus) being stirred up by Mars? Also: ego issues? (Mars). Mars, ego, self-worth, curing the pain - emotional and physical - through activities focused on the outside (having concerts again, etc), activities (again: exercise?) that caused his death?

In the Progressed chart the only thing that I can "see" that seems relevant is Progressed Sun at 25º Libra in sextile to t. Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune. - so... some sort of "easiness" in his passing?
And: P. Mercury (5º Scorpio) exactly sextile natal Virgo Sun (5º Virgo). Scorpio is associated with death.

Mercury, to this event, seems very very relevant. Even with the "rotten data", Mercury, (Scorpio being rising), rules house 8, so...

There are other things...
- t. Chiron/Jup/Nept are in trine with his natal NN/Jupiter/Neptune;
- transiting Saturn is also in square with natal Saturn (but not exact. I wonder if it when is exact we'll ear more about the circumstances of his death. This will be around the end of July/beginning of August'09).

The next eclipse will be at 29º Cancer. The only thing that's close is Progressed Moon at 24º Capricorn - but without accurate data we cannot be sure. So I'm guessing that maybe the Moon is closer to that degree (29º)... which also would explain his (current) great need to Achieve (again). To get back his Social Status as a great artist (and also - the money).

The Other eclipse that is even more relevant: 13º Aquarius, this August'09 - it would be dead on on his Uranus... (13º Leo - again: heart attack. Sudden - Uranus).
Uranus is nataly Square natal Mars - probably rash temperament, not thinking before acting. This aspect his being activated by t. Mars... too much effort and his debilitated self could not handle it.

That's it, that's all I see.

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