sábado, junho 20, 2009

Conjunção Júpiter-Urano 2010

No meu mapa natal vai dar-se na 5ª casa (grau 29º Peixes e logo a seguir no início de Carneiro):

In the 5th House, this is a cycle for creative transformation of the personality, a time to get in touch with the inner child and to take a risk with creativity. It is a time to explore what gives you inner joy, to find something that gives you so much pleasure that you just do it, without regard for the approval or disapproval of others. [Esperemos que sim...] It is a cycle for re-defining the concept of LOVE, what makes us feel loved and appreciated. For this reason, this can be disruptive to some of our personal relationships.

Podem ver as restantes casas, juntamente com o artigo, aqui:


"She informed me that, when it occurs in Aries or Libra, there is always a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world… “Just watch what happens in July of 1969!!” I could hardly wait as it was only 3 years away. Indeed, at that time, in July of 1969, there was a great scientific breakthrough as man landed on the Moon."

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