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Artigo que me parece bom. Um excerto:

2. Pluto's lessons often have to do with the reality that other people can be bad, wicked, evil, unhealthy, toxic, or morally bankrupt. I've come across many astrologers who swear that Pluto transits are always a manifestation of one's shadow self, and that we are always just projecting our own bad qualities on to others when we have a difficult time with someone during a Pluto transit. I'm tempted to acknowledge that this may be true on a deep level, but what I'll actually say is that's bull.

Sometimes Pluto doesn't give a flip about your shadow self. Sometimes Pluto just wants you to get it through your thick head that someone else's behavior is morally unacceptable and you should stop accepting it. Pluto is the most intensely moralistic planet there is. Pluto believes in right and wrong. The rest of us think we do and sometimes feel guilty (often for good reason) about our judgmental sides. But in reality, our sense of morality is much more ambiguous. Yeah, Mom's a thief, Dad's a child molester, and our siblings are sociopaths.

But...we kind of don't look at it that way. The situation seems so much more subtle and nuanced because we're in the thick of things. We have attachments. Attachments that fog up our moral compasses. We accept things because we don't want to give up our attachments, ego-based ones and otherwise. So even though the husband, wife, lover, boss, or best friend has betrayed you umpteen times and made it behaviorally clear that he or she feels no moral obligation to treat you with respect--you hang in there. Then finally Pluto gets fed up with this, steps in, and essentially says "I will make your life miserable until you finally cut the damn toxic cord. Enough already. Get a clue!"

You can really speed up the difficult aspects of a Pluto transit by getting in touch with your primal sense of morality. Cut out the ambiguity that Pluto doesn't acknowledge as valid any longer, and just make a bold and definitive acknowledgement of your moral compass. "Such and such behavior is unacceptable to me and I will not tolerate it any longer." (It can be behavior that took place in the past, by the way. Sometimes Pluto likes to brood over past injustices.) Clearly identify what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong. This is one of the most effective and under-utilized tricks I know of to tame Pluto.

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