quinta-feira, junho 25, 2009

Trânsitos de Plutão

Que é o meu planeta Favorito!

Actualmente Plutão transita a minha casa 2 e daqui a uns anos entrará na casa 3:

Pluto transiting your 2nd house brings transformation to your values both psychological and materialistic. During the breakdown phase of this transit, resources will become scarce, you will be forced do with less. This is not to say that you will lose everything. It really depends on how much it takes to get you to look at your attachment to things in your life and the value you place on them. In other words, its not about the resources, its about your attachment to them. Before this transit is over, your whole attitude towards property will change radically.

When Pluto transits your 3rd house, our communications and everyday conversations take on a deeper meaning. Above all else, Pluto will not allow us to be superficial in our approach but require that we dig deeper until we ferret out the real meaning of what we hear and what we say. The 3rd house is the beginning of wide psychological changes taking place within us, and a regeneration of self at the very basic level. In the first phase, our beliefs that are not based on truth will be called into question, many of which we may have held for years. We will not be able to settle for superficial answers to our questions, we will be driven to know the truth. Even those things that we believe that are true will require that we revisit them, because in many cases we have forgotten where we learned them in the first place. In phase two, we will begin to gain a new perspective of the world and how we fit into it.

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