domingo, julho 26, 2009


Tenho este (há algum tempo que procurava uma explicação do mesmo):

Neptune=Jupiter/Pluto Natal

On its highest level, one has the capacity to be a psychic healer and/or psychic surgeon with the ability to heal one’s physical and spiritual woundedness. Spiritually, one has the capacity to lead the masses with one’s greatness of beliefs and philosophy on life. This leading can be done through public speaking, tapes, or as a famous artisan. There’s the ability to watch one’s old worn-out patterns disintegrate, then witnessing the birthing of new ones. On the reverse side, there's a tendency to manipulate and try to gain something out of someone through deception or fraud; thus, this could be a very difficult time in one's life, depending on one's intent to grow or to stay where they are

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