terça-feira, julho 07, 2009

Saturno em trânsito na Casa 11

A dos Amigos e Desejos e Sonhos.
Vou ter este trânsito em Novembro/Dezembro deste ano.

Saturn Transits Through Your Eleventh House: Saturn transits can get rid of things we think we need but really don’t. Friends, who really aren’t friends, will tend to show their true colors now. Let them go. Good friends can also go out of your life at this time. Saturn rules the end of cycles. As far as the friends who remain, you may be too busy to spend much time with them. Or they may be too busy. On the other hand, they may have extra problems and ask for your help. The same is true for your hopes and wishes. Some of those may be obsolete and need to be changed [já começam a mudar...]. The 11th House also shows how we deal with Groups of people. If you belong to a team at work, or some sort of club or organization, Saturn could bring out problems, difficulties, or extra responsibilities. Maybe the group changes and it’s not fun any more. You can also get a promotion at work [isso era giro, lol] or get elected to an office in a club. This means more work and responsibility. Saturn benefits are frequently bittersweet.

Fixe. Vou ter Ainda menos amigos?! o_0

Trânsitos por todas as Casas aqui.

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