segunda-feira, agosto 17, 2009

Saturno em trânsito na Casa 11 - II -

Saturn will be moving off an angle (your 10th house of career) and into your solar 11th house. On a straightforward level, Saturn here can affect your relationships with your friends. You may feel cooler toward them or vice versa. You may identify problems that need to be corrected. The same thing applies to groups you belong to. You may feel a need to straighten out problems there. On a larger level, Saturn in the 11th can affect how you relate to society in general. Your networking via social media sites can change, but also some of your deeper convictions and sense of contentment with how your life as a member of society is going. Social issues may affect you more profoundly. [A gripe A...?! lol] This can be good, in the sense of greater engagement with the world at large, and not so good, as you realize that society’s ills affect you personally.

E o Melhor de tudo é que este belíssimo Saturno vai fazer conjunção ao meu Plutão natal na 11 (Olé) e quadratura à sua posição natal, bem como à Lua natal na casa 2. Olé, olé, olé!!!! Ou seja vai activar a minha quadratura em T envolvendo Saturno/Lua/Plutão.

'Tou para ver o que é que vai sair daqui :/

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